Ninja Gaiden 2 VS Sigma

Kotaku writes: "Because working with video is what they do, GameVideos has gone ahead and cut together footage of Ninja Gaiden II for the 360 and Ninja Gaiden Sigma for the PS3 together to give us an idea of the differences between the two. Right off the bat I notice that the camera is a bit more dynamic in II, working more to enhance the action than simply portray it. The environments look far more detailed as well, and the animations seem a tad bit more fluid. Now that I've seen them side by side, Ninja Gaiden II is looking like a definite improvement over Sigma. Nicely done, Team Ninja."

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ASSASSYN 36o3901d ago

Thermal Nuclear bomb inbound.

D R Fz3901d ago

Especially since they're comparing the NG2 with the NG: Sigma Demo. Not sure how this affects anything but Kotaku does favor Microsoft a little more than they do Sony explaining why they felt that NG2 looked better. Joystiq even said that the graphics in NG2 was not as good as NG:Sigma, which does make sense because NG2 is still in development.

But in the end, every fanboy can agree that, overtime, games are supposed to get better. Graphically and in all aspects, games should improve overtime.

sonarus3901d ago

i agree that NG2 looks the same but wudnt say it looks worse than sigma. Its definetly an improvement it shows in the animations especially however graphically i think they are the same

nasim3901d ago

NGS runs at 1080p @60fps

NG2 will run at a mere 720p.

why on earth did TECMO build this game for an inferior x360---a horrible low powered console which is 1/10 as powerful as the ps3 and is dead in EU and JAPAN

JsonHenry3901d ago

I really don't see how you could compare the two in terms of 360 vs PS3 like some fanboys are bound to do.

But as far as comparing the level design and character movement? Obviously NG2 is the better game. But I would hope it is since it is not a simple polished port but a whole new game.

hazeblaze3901d ago

Hopefully the camera is better in NG2... but yea, graphically they look pretty close but the animation looks much more fluid in NG2. However, I still expect that gfx to improve quite a bit before release.

Either way, I've come to terms with the fact that we're just not going to see any gfx that really dominate the PS3 come from the 360 anyway. The PS3 is starting to look really impressive.

gaffyh3901d ago

They both look almost the same, but NG2 seems to have some better physics like chopping up enemies properly.

secret3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

Is it just me, or has the xbox360 maxed out already?

A) Ninja Gaiden 2 on the xbox360:
1)Developer power = Itagaki and his full staff with full resources
2) Developer console experience = Nearly 10 years developing for the xbox/xbox360
3) Title's generation = 3rd / 4th gen title
4) Title's status = New release

B) Ninja Gaiden Sigma on the PS3:
1) Developer power = Group of unimportant kids or underlings of Itagaki broken off from the main team
2) Developer console experience = 0 (zero,zero) experience with the PS3 and smaller experience in creating games -> they are kids, unlike Itagaki
3) Title generation = generation 1
4) Title's status = remake port of an xbox generation 1 game

Graphics tend to look better on Sigma in many areas if not comparable. That suggests the xbox360 is maxing out already, especially when you realize the development situation / circumstances I outlined above under Category A and B...Where is the next gen? What does xbox360 have as an excuse now? By the way, the arm on the NG2 version of Ryu looks wrong somehow...looks weird.

A FEW POINTERS: Notice that on almost all xbox360 games, the bricks in buildings and the street pavements tend to be BIGGER than those on any PS3 games designed exclusively on the PS3. For instance, on resistance fall of man or even in Sigma, almost all buildings have millions of distinct small bricks. However, in Gears of War and in NG2, all the buildings are seemingly constructed of bigger bricks, maybe in the thousands or hundreds of thousands if any at all. Development tricks and detals that no one see or ackwnoledges. PS3 is about the finer details that no one sees or pays attention to --> Cracks inside cracks of walls, and so on.

Graphically, with first gen titles such as Motorstorm and glimpses of MGS4 / Final Fantasy VIII / Grand Turismo 5, it's funny that graphical superiority is still made an issue. Even Heavenly Sword is good enough to seal the deal mostly. Nothing on the xbox360 so far even compares to MOTORSTORM, and that's a first gen title. But there's more to come on the PS3. The xbox360 is struggling and NG2 is proof that it's petered out. Will the heavy weight please stand up now. Not xbox360, you imposter heavy weight.

PS3 IS ONE FINE HOME-THEATER MACHINE. What else can the xbox360 do for adults and smart people rather than kids and prison inmates who like viiolent games?

In the end, xbots will have spent the most money this generation because of their xbox360.

1) Hundreds on dollars on internet fees ($400 or more eventually)
2) Hundreds or thousands on dollars on games and accessories
3) Hundreds or thousands of dollars searching for a standalone bluray player and/or HD-DVD player or add-on plus movies for each format if they have both. (And after deep research, they find that the best valued standalone bluray player (home theater console) is the PS3 afterall if they're a gamer too.
4) Looking for the Wii for motion sensing experience

In the end, xbots will have spent the most money. Can anyone say Consumer??

Turkeys to be slaughtered by wolves for dinner??


PS3 (ports and mulitplats and remakes ) + PC (Halo, Bioshock, Gears, and so on) = xbox360 at 1/4 the cost of the actual xbox360 without the junk games from the million of games that I won't ever buy - ever??

Why would I want an xbox360 if I don't like Gears, Bioschock, or Halo? Why? What else does it do besides play games? Is it a home-theater machine? Is it built to last? Is it quiet? Is it inexpensive?

Kids play games only. Adults and/or straight A students want to do more with their time and money.

I wouldn't want a port of NG2 to the PS3 because even if the port came out identical, it will never, never be as good as if it were created first and foremost exclusively on the PS3. There is nothing out there on the xbox360 that can be Motorstorm graphically, not to mention even Grand Turismo 5. And Motorstorm can take on any 3rd / 4th gen xbox360 game grphically. And I'm still having fun with Sigma. It's like a wife that satisfies me -- alot. I don't need another one.

I hate how the xbox360 B-student gets in the way of the PS3 straight A student. Sooner or later, the B student won't be able to keep up and will let the A student do its thing.

I own shares of stock in Microsoft.

HateBoy3901d ago

Holy crap man, get a life. You just took flaming to the next level.

Taker_1293900d ago

I am disappointed ng2 doesn't look that much better then sigma. You would think that all this time they have been developing this game they could have developed something better then this. It looks like they took the sigma engine and just added more blood and decapitation. I was expecting more from them.

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The Dude3901d ago

Amazing how games just look better on the 360.

bee24273901d ago

ng 2 lookz better but jus cuz of the camera angel, they look the same

TeaDouble_E3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

Both version look's like plastic toy dolls.

sonarus3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

i would be personally worried if it didnt considering the games will be at least a full yr apart. from here its quite easy to see that gaiden 2 looks significantly better than sigma but i would like to see a comparison with more similar environments. i have sigma and in my eyes it looks better than that comparison vid being shown

InMyOpinion3901d ago

I thought the quality of the video was too poor to make out which game looked better. Would be nice too wait until NG2 is finished before comparing as well. No one knows how far it is in development.

Kaze883901d ago

Lets backtrack a little...

Ninja gaiden: sigma is an port from xbox and its team ninjas first game to the ps3.

Now theyr making ninja gaiden 2 exclusivily to xbox360 and they have worked with it before. Plus its a sequel and sequels are always supposed to look better than the last one.

So stupid to compare ps3 vs xbox360 with this sh*t. Ninja gaiden 2 isnt even close to release and it looks a lil better.
Just compare the games, not the consoles and their powers.

leon763901d ago

Hey The Dude you need glasses!!!!!!

jlemdon3901d ago

I think the game is looks a lil bit better only because the stages are bigger than Sigma's.

Coffin873901d ago

this comparison is a complete waste.

outside levels compared with cuts inside small buildings. wow, what a comparison.

what a sh*t load of f*ck.

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RadientFlux3901d ago

personally I am going to wait in till NG2 is released before I compare it to NGS

fenderputty3901d ago

One would hope that NG2 would outshine NG sigma as it's the course of video game progression. Right now things look like a toss up. NG2's animations look better though. Still ... nothing so drastic either way that can explain the flameing that's going to happen.

Scrooge3901d ago

I don't even care which one is better. NG series is the best and funnest hack n slash to date. Im just glad to see the sony camp is enjoying Sigma as much as I enjoyed Black. It's okay that they won't get this sequel, they have God of War 3 to look forward too.

spammy_nooo3901d ago

Here's my take on the situation:

The environments do look a bit better, as well as lighting/camera effects, but it's too insignificant to impress me. I'm looking forward to this game and I wanted the graphics to be knock-down drag-out better than sigma, mainly because I'm a graphics whore + a BIG fan of the game.

Oh well, Sigma suited me just fine, I can deal with sub-par graphics*. And I guess when you think about it, you dont really notice the graphics when you're playing the game anyways, because its just so good.

In short, even though I'm dissappointed with the 'updated' graphics, I'm also just fine with them because I get to play another Ninja Gaiden game :)

* as for me saying sub-par graphics(read above), please dont attack me. When you look at games like GeoW and Killzone 2, this game kinda falls out of the forefront in the graphics department. <--OPINION

tplarkin73901d ago

Team Ninja aims for 60 FPS. Every Xbox 1 game and Sigma ran at 60 FPS. Gears runs at a respectable 30 FPS.

When you take still shots of each game, Gears looks far better. But when you play each game, you appreciate 60 FPS.

It's debatable as to which approach to take. Do you push the limits and drop the frame rate, or do you enforce 60 FPS and go easy on special effects?

They are both worthy design methods.

The Snake3901d ago

To consider anything graphically less than Gears or KZ2 sub-par is a copout. You should not consider the best of the best as your par. Doing so only lowers your appreciation for legitimately good games.

xg-ei8ht3901d ago

Spam, if there was a nail. You just hit it full on.

blusoops3901d ago

The reviewers are quick to point out the "Supposed" improvements of NG2 over sigma, but how come they don't point out that Sigma has self shadowing on everything, while NG2 doesn't have any shadows on the moving characters!

To me they look just about the same, what I DO like about NG2 is that the dead bodies don't disappear after a few seconds.

sonarus3901d ago

You just made the smartest comment so far. Bodies don't dissapear after a few secs is huge for me. Especially after playing heavenly sword. Its really nice to cause a lot of carnage and walk past and walk over all your destruction. I hope all beat em type games implement this feature i.e. GOD OF WAR 3

HateBoy3901d ago

shadows are absent cause they are still in development man, they even made a special point about it when first presenting the game...
This comparison is stupid, compare them when ng2 is complete. Personally I think ng2 already looks better (besides the shadow thingy + a couple other things i suppose are going to be added later), but the video was way too low res to make a proper judgement. Anyone expecting ng2 to look worse than ngs is really really really stupid, or a fanboy (SAME THING).