Analysis: Wii Down In U.S. In 2010, May Not Rebound In 2011?

As part of his end of year in-depth NPD analysis, Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews examines the Nintendo Wii's decline in sales in 2010, speculating about whether Nintendo will see further downtrend in 2011 and how a price cut could cause a Wii rebound.

As the previous article's diagrams showed, only the Xbox 360 showed growth in 2010. The PlayStation 3 held its ground at 4.3 million systems. Nintendo's two systems, the Wii and Nintendo DS, were each off by over 2 million units from 2009, and Sony's ailing PSP and aging PS2 both fell into further irrelevance.

The Wii is in the equivocal position of being the first-place console 2010, but also experiencing a precipitous year-over-year decline from 2009.

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Stealth20k2889d ago

And the wii/ds (while down) still beat everything else last year easily.

matey2889d ago

seems weekly these fanboys bash wii 4 outdated tech when the wii this year produced some of the best graphical games this gen Galaxy2/Kirbys epic yarn/MH3/DKCR ect are fantastic looking games i dont see any game on ps2/cube/xbox/psp/iphone/ipad coming even close to them graphics at 60fps not even close the ps3 only had a few games on par graphically with Epic yarn the wii if anything is starting to show its teeth in 2011 as 360/ps3 simmer down as they started off graphic heavy and have little else to give now wii is getting better and better

GameTavern2889d ago

Really, a console not selling well its 4th year on the market is news? I mean outside of the 360 and I guess Ps3 to an extent (even though it tied its previous years) most consoles do decline in sales over time.

Especially when you start off like a ball of fire like the Wii did.