Final Fantasy XIII-2: Packshots and Logo Revealed

The first screenshots, packshots and a logo of Final Fantasy XIII-2 have been released.

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VersusEM2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

gotta admit, can not wait for this, I literally flipped out when I saw this, but when I saw the Versus trailer I did went INSANE! Anyways XIII-2 looks good, kinda reminds me of X-2 judging by the look.

Rage_S902768d ago

as soon as i saw the versus trailer i pre ordered it

NewMonday2768d ago

Why on the cover of 360 game, did MS sign an exclusive advertising campaign?

If this game is open like chapter 11 from start to finish, and have more optional NPC interaction, it will be great and fulfill it potential.

ApexHell2768d ago

lightning is wearing odins armor :p

midgard2272768d ago

ur rigt dude!!!! was wondering where she got that outfit from, she looks soooo hawt XD, lovin the new outfit, and rivalry for lightning? epic!

RedPawn2768d ago

She's wearing Erza Scarlett's armour.

plb2768d ago

Did they give a month for release or just sometime 2011?

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Supman2768d ago

still got to finish FFXIII..

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The story is too old to be commented.