Halo 3: Welcome to Isolation

On September 25, millions of gamers will pop in Halo 3 and play through the campaign. Finishing the fight is going to be on everyone's priority list. But once that fight is finished, it's Halo 3's multiplayer that will fuel gamers over the next several years. With the Halo 3 Beta, gamers were able to experience three of the new maps. And while Bungie has offered sneak peeks of some of the other maps available in Halo 3, there are still several that remain unknown. Today, IGN's able to reveal another of the multiplayer maps: Isolation.

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Covenant3839d ago

Looks cool...I think that Bungie may have outdone themselves...I mean, how difficult must it have been to top the Halo 2 maps? Looks like they've done it.

Speaking of isolation, my wife has already consigned herself to being a "Halo widow" for the next few weeks, as have the boyfriends and girlfriends of nearly all of my personal friends/people on my Live friends list.

However, I don't think any of us will spend 3 consecutive days in front of our 360 and DIE.

Bnet3433839d ago

Lockout will never be beaten, followed by Zanzibar and Ivory Tower. Waterworks is probably the worst map.

batman2million3839d ago

man, i can't wait!!
i wonder whn they gonna start posting up the reviews.

mboojigga3839d ago

I love being a gamer this is the life to have it all.

great woman in my life
beautiful kids
Halo 3 and I get to finish the fight

FullyLoaded4203839d ago

This is so TRUE!! I work as the Manager for the SONY Store in SF, CA. My Assistant Manager is PISSED cause im taking 2 weeks OFF for HALO 3 and hes stuck in the store "trying" to sell PS3's. Im also gonna take home the 2 360 elites we have in the break room for some LAN fun!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Myth0093839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

i love ps3 ,and im really exicted on some of the games comin this year!!! i hate when peole say dumb sh!t like this about the ps3!! Halo3 is going to be good but please dont overhype it!!! and belittle the ps3!! why work for sony when u just dissing the product!! ok a$shole i mess'ed up on my spelling , maybe cause i dont give a fu(k its a forum!!anyway!!! because u work for sony and u talk crap bought the ps3!! and dude prove it u work for sony!!

Funky Town_TX3839d ago

Because they C.T.C. Cut The Check. He does not have to kiss Sony's a$$.

FullyLoaded4203839d ago

first of all....please try and learn how to spell before commenting please...
what the hell is exicted? and what are peole? please let me know, cause I really dont know.

and why use the word "HATE?"

is it because i work for Sony and play the 360? or is it because i work for Sony and you dont?
or maybe it's because you are retarted and mentally challenged? I dont know....

now go back to loving your PS3....before I call your English teacher and get him fired!!

cr33ping_death3839d ago

lol this guy works for the SONY store .....i seriously doubt it. the only reason he B!TCHES about SONY is because he is from SAN FRAN...... the QUEEN capitol of the world. im sure playing HALO wont be the only thing youll be doing with your " friends" am i right? lol

as for " finishing the fight" all i care about is the online play. never played the previous two so i can careless about the story.

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Norad63839d ago

Anyone notice in those new pic of Isolation... They're playing ZOMBIES!!! OMG!!!

Lygre3839d ago

They're playing Infection.

I think Infection's gonna be a fun game mode on High Ground =)

Especially with Forge when u can stack up lots of crates next to the gate and the bunker if you're trying to stay away from the zombies =D

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