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imoutofthecontest2887d ago

Didn't they also say that Final Fantasy XIII was like the most important thing to ever happen to the human race?

...How'd that prophecy turn out, btw?

jriquelme_paraguay2887d ago

i think this is the Second Half part of the Original "EXCLUSIVE" Final Fantasy XIII.... but... cutted latter to fit on X360...
More Money from MS, and more money becouse they make 2 games from 1!!!!

Winter47th2887d ago

Can't wait 'till they shaft 50% of the game's content for the sake of keeping up with another console's inferior space-capacity.

Not looking forward to this AT ALL 'till it's an exclusive, i don't buy half-assed versions and sigh how much better it could have been, just like XIII.

jriquelme_paraguay2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

maybe this version has the Towns :O

And the Next Year: Exclusive PS3: Final Fantasy XIII Complete Edition: XIII&XIII-2

nickjkl2887d ago

im pissed off i cant go anywhere on the net for final fantasy 13

with out getting comments bombarding it for what it is it annoys me so much if you dont like the game so much why don't you all just go the hell away

even on neo gaf its i didnt like fina fantasy 13 but im gonna get this anyway even though i only know it has lightning in it

its annoying

StarCSR2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

You think wrong.
It is still funny how people are constantly bashing SE. But they refuse to see that the "badness" of FF XIII had nothing to do with MS, but only with SE not doing their jobs.

ThanatosDMC2887d ago

^ It's the most limited FF game ever.

They didnt need to cut out content till those rumored talks with MS then they announced FF13 will also be on the 360.

It's also the first FF game to hold your hand for longer than 5+ hrs into the game not to mention the auto attack button in which you just press X the whole time to win while moving forward in a straight line till the next enemy showed up.

badz1492887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )


but well, seeing as fans are saying FFXIII is just average and not up to FF standards with no towns, auto attack, linear etc. doing something better than THAT is not THAT hard!

Objective2887d ago

You guys need to grow up. FF was bad because it was horribly designed. Nothing that the blu-ray capacity could have fixed.

ChronoJoe2887d ago


Actually if you read up you'll find most of it's 'design' was influenced by how it was set to be on 4 discs.

Basically backtracking and the entire concept of an 'overworld' type thing, was removed from the game because they didn't want users switching discs as they travelled across the world. So rather than that, they segmented the game... which is what the majority tend to complain about.

Not that that's all the games problems... although it is the cause of a large portion of them.

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rosebowl232887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

Yea, exceeding garbage doesn't sound too impressive or difficult for that matter.

2887d ago Replies(2)

No actually they never, it was just you who hyped it and then bought in to your own hype.

That's how stupid you are.

Blaze9292887d ago

just sounds like all the stuff they cut out of FF13-1 due to DVD...

Christopher2887d ago

Because saying "it's the exact same crap" isn't a good business decision.

laaakokaracha2887d ago

I remember when they said : We wont release FFXIII DLC because the game is PERFECT and complete as it is..

HAHAHAHAHA look at this!

they really lie straight into fans face while not giving a SE this is soo low.

fatstarr2887d ago

Hopefully they keep the battle system and exceed in everything else.

In my oppionion this was one of the best turn based rpg battle systems i have ever used.

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DA_SHREDDER2887d ago

FFX-2 sucked so much ass, wasn't even half the game FFX was and now that you made crappy FF13, you think that I'm dumb enough to buy this turd? The story, gameplay, characters, and level up system in FF13 is the worst in the series and your making a sequel?!!!! Fuck you square, die a horrible death. I hope you go bankrupt on this one.

christheredhead2887d ago

well thats kind of the point of making improve upon your first game. ff13 wasent all that bad. its not the highlight of the series but its a decent game. its a great concept that just needed to take a different direction than what was released. thats where ff13-2 comes in to play. hopefully they listen to the complaints and go back to the roots of what makes a great final fantasy game. so seriously quit whining as you have no idea what ff13-2 is going to be like yet.

Elda2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

You couldn't have said it any better Christheredhead!! I love FF XIII & it had it's flaws but I really enjoyed it & I'm playing it again,I can't wait for the new medieval style Lightning kicking something or someone's ass!!

JoelEH2886d ago

No sir FF13 wasn't in no way shape or form halfways decent, It was littery dog poop. How old are you? Do you remeber what a real FF game is like? this game was a waste of life, money, and most important of all, respect for the Final Fantasy name.

christheredhead2886d ago


What does my age have to do with anything? would it make a difference to you if i were 12 or 65+ years old? if you must know im 22. i have played and currently own every final fantasy from FF1 till now. that includes all snes, gba, ds, psp, and ps3 releases. so im sorry that you didn't enjoy the game but it was still a decent game. it doesn't hold true to the final fantasy series as they decided to take the series in a different direction that honestly didn't work very well. personally i didn't like the game all that much but it was still enjoyable to me. like i said im glad they are making 13-2. i hope to see an improvement and go back to some classic FF gameplay. the premise of 13 was great but the execution was lacking so there is room for major improvement and a really great game.

slyrunner2887d ago

I hope your kidding right, it was praised as a true sequel. That game was good my friend both ffx and ffx2

ThanatosDMC2887d ago

Yeah, i tried FFX-2 and it basically crapped on everything that FFX made me to believe.

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