Cage: Heavy Rain has opened door for more mature games

CVG: Heavy Rain creator David Cage has moved to thank games industry figures who helped make the PS3 exclusive a commercial success - whilst claiming that it has paved the way for richer storytelling in interactive entertainment.

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one of my favourite games ever

cant wait for davids next project

FrankMcSpank2885d ago

Hell yeah. Heavy Rain was so unique. I love this game to death.

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Yi-Long2885d ago

... just make a good game that people want to play, and it won't matter if it's 'mature' or not!

Ofcourse there's a market for 'mature' games. Heavy Rain didn't create that market. That market was already there. And hopefully this industry will now finally grow up and mature with it's audience, instead of the usual self-censorship and immaturity it brings in so many titles.

thats_just_prime2885d ago

It looks more like it open the door for transexuals. I dont even want to know what s/he has under that pink fish

ger1012885d ago


"Heavy Rain was so unique"

How, exactly, was it unique? What did Heavy Rain do that Fahrenheit, Dragon's Lair, Shenmue (QTE gameplay) or, hell, even Uncharted and MGS (Cinematic storyline/Feels like you're playing a movie) didn't do?

Yeah, the game was amazing, but it sure as hell wasn't unique because everything that HR did was already done in one form or another.

FrankMcSpank2884d ago


Heavy Rain was a form of story telling that is unique to gameplay. In Shenmue, Dragon's Lair, and even Indigo Prohecy, you would fail or pass your QTE. Then that meant game over for you but in Heavy Rain you would alter your game and choices. Heavy Rain has not game over until your story closes. Heavy Rain offers you a choice making experience that is not Black and White at all. What you think could be right is wrong, what you think is smart could be dangerous. and HR is not a game, but an interactive drama. The choices you make effect the story flow, and ultimately the outcome. Your HR experience will be completely different from mine. It's is unique. It builds upon Cage's Farenheit/IndigoProphecy's gameplay, but in a far more advanced way. A choose your adventure. A game that has real consequences. One that you can actually play with your emotions. Example, in the beginning when Ethan was playing with his kids, there was a Nerf Sword fighting QTE, I perposely failed it cause I felt that letting his son win and feel like a hero was more important than winning a stupid QTE event. The second time I played it, I wasn't going to lose, but when Jason started saying 'ow' because I was hitting him a lot, I just let him win again. It's that type of unique interaction between the characters and the player. Each player is going to make their own decisions in how they choose to play the game. It's unique in that it's a new genre, a new style of gaming, and new experience that is fresh and not like the hundreds of other games that release every year. Just because elements of a game are in another, doesn't mean the game isn't original. Mass Effect is like a TPS/RPG, is it a copy of Gears or Uncharted, or KOTOR perhaps? No, it's a unique game.

Ravenor2884d ago


Your examples don't necessarily prove what makes Heavy Rain unique, Heavy Rain if anything is just an Evolution of the adventure game genre. Heavy Rain is nothing new and it's nothing special.

Emotions really? I can't get over the 100 yard stare, the awful accents or the Robotic movement. But sorry, it's a "new" way of playing games.

Perjoss2884d ago

mature is the key word for me, sometimes i tire of games that regularly remind you that you're playing a video game.

iceman062884d ago

@Yi-Long...I completely agree with your statement that the door was always open. The issue became that too many developers were and still remain afraid to step through that door. Also, there IS a responsibility that comes with making such a game. You have to tread lightly on mature content and themes vs. just putting boobs and butts in to make a sensationalized mature game. HR, imo, offered a test for the industry to see if we are truly ready for more mature content (both visually and subject matter). In that, I believe that Cage was successful.

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cobpswii36002885d ago

It's my 2nd favorite game of all time. No game has ever made me feel real emotion on a deep level, except for Heavy Rain.

belal2885d ago

Heavy rain was awesome, one of my favorite games this gen.hope they make heavy rain 2 or a game that is same as heavy rain.

distorted_reality2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

And they can call it Heavy Rain!

gillri2885d ago

Loved Farenehit, loved HR even more, cant wait for there next game

redwolf2885d ago

well done quantic dreams for showing us the way

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