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stonecold32808d ago

im goimg to get both but i think ffvs 13 will be the real ff game we have being waiting for peace out ? ps its a shame kh3 didnt get metioned if it does arrive ps3 exclusive on that one

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Commander_TK2808d ago

Meh, but it has Lightning. God knows what I'd do to her if I was on a blu-ray disc.

presto7172807d ago

Everytime I see Lightning I am overwhelmed with this inexplicably feeling of just...pure negativity. Dammit. I thought the feeling would leave after FFXIII but upon watching this trailer, I was reminded of how much I hate, um I mean dislike her. Arrgh!!!! *Pulls on hair*

deafwing2807d ago

this might the ultimate set up by square;
make a shitty story that is FFXIII over a great ATB (with hidden potential) and then release something better ... ahhh maybe not

Cloudberry2808d ago

Before SE's ninjas took it down, lol.

blitz06232808d ago

Wow that seriously reminds me of Kingdom Hearts. Looks good

maverick402808d ago

Wow cheers for that, looks amazing. Im not sold on the combat though, looks just like a hack and slash.

pr0digyZA2808d ago

Thanks for that. It looks amazing.

visualb2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago ), it seems SE have focused all their talent on this game, causing every-other SE game since to be...well, mediocre in comparisson =P

that looks amazing...and this coming from a non FF fan =O

+ best CGI ever? wow...

rezzah2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )


Jsynn72808d ago

Wow. Everybody and their moms who still care about this have been screaming for actual gameplay footage of this game and none of the main stream gaming sites have found this? Great job, "gaming media"! /s

Looks great! Can't wait to see this in HD.

ThanatosDMC2808d ago

Holy crap! Never saw that before! Awesome trailer. This is what a PS3 FF game should be like. I hope SE doesnt screw us over again.

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Shanks2808d ago

The new title sounds so dumb.
Final Fantasy XIII-2? really?
It's like sayin Final Fantasy 13-2.

SE lost it.

DenyTheFacts2808d ago

LOL you are the stupidest person on the planet.
First of all, since you're new to gaming, FFX's sequel was called FFX-2 as well so it's not a new thing.
Second of all, how the hell do you want them to name a sequel to an already numbered game?

rezzah2808d ago

Dont understand why people disagreed with you but that must mean theyre new to the gaming world too =)

gaden_malak2807d ago

"how the hell do you want them to name a sequel to an already numbered game?"

Use a name?

MaideninBlack2808d ago

Looks like Paladin armor from FFXI.

thats_just_prime2808d ago

the new armor looks great. Maybe it be worth renting

Rumor2807d ago

yea it does. i just dont dig the feathers flying everywhere..i would be like..

"hey bich, do something about all those goddamn loose feathers" XD but i'd still wreck the heck outta lightning ;)

user8586212808d ago

square will you please just cancel this cr*p and make a GOOD! final fantasy with a BETTER! story and BETTER! characters

Sitris2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

The story was the best part, and the characters were well designed, just badly executed, thus a sequel with improvements could be a great thing!

Edit: You know what, can this game and put all effort into FFv13, just watched that trailer....WOW!!!!!!!!