A look at the IGF

The Independent Games Festival is due to hold its 13th annual awards ceremony in the Spring of 2011. The IGF is a mainstay of the gaming calendar, and in the words of Kyle Gabler (World of Goo) ”is the biggest showcase for indie games”.

There are numerous games which have featured in the IGF that have gone on to achieve critical and commercial success, games like Kyle’s World of Goo, Machinarium and Everyday Shooter. If it is possible, this years entries look like they will match, if not surpass the success experienced by those other indie greats. Games like Amnesia: Dark Descent, Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble and Minecraft already have garnered quite a reputation while there are bound to be numerous gems hidden away amongst the 391 entries.

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distorted_reality2802d ago

Is a shame this never gets as much coverage as it deserves. Some brilliant games have come out of these shows.

kramun2802d ago

Yeah, some of the most interesting game concepts come from the IGF.