New Final Fantasy XIII Versus HD trailer confirmed for Jan 20

Gamersmint: Square’s confirmed that the trailer which was shown today during the Japan event and featured the voice of Noctis for the first time among other stuff will be released for the public on Jan 20.

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thereapersson2801d ago

We know how good SE is at producing quality CGI, but after all this waiting time, I am really itching for some solid game play footage.

Cloudberry2801d ago

But I hope it has decent video time length, though.

I'm gonna download it & watch it on my PS3 over & over again.

hay2801d ago

I hope for release date. I miss good FF games.

2801d ago
Iamback2801d ago

and it will be 5 seconds long, ending we see face of some feminine looking guy with EMO lesbian hair.

Cloudberry2801d ago


"The trailer appears to have a whole lot of gameplay footage, including combat scenes with swords and guns, a scene where you control a tank-like vehicle, a scene where you climb aboard a bipedal robot, a battle with a massive creature (this may be the combat scene from the TGS trailer), and a battle where Noctis wields his sword against a group of soldiers."



Can't wait to see it.

sjaakiejj2801d ago

Same here. I'm happy to finally have a firm release date, even though it's still a year off. At least we now know that the game is releasing in 2012.

nix2801d ago

and don't forget to brace for the news that it has gone multi. i won't be surprised if it did.

nix2801d ago

ok.. just saw the trailer. it's still PS3 exclusive.

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Man In Black2801d ago

Here's the trailer. Quick, might get taken down.

Valay2801d ago

Versus XIII in HD will be glorious.

cyborg2801d ago

I can't wait for hear Noctis for the first time.

FrankMcSpank2801d ago

This is exciting. I am hoping for some gameplay as well. The 5min trailer two years ago had me pumped. And that leaked 15seconds of gameplay looked so fluid. I think when Square said you won't notice the difference between gameplay and CGi they were right. Having this trailer come gives me hope that a date will arrive too. This is Square's last hope for my support of them, so good luck..

SnakeMustDie2801d ago

I hope its gameplay footage with the combat and the hud.

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The story is too old to be commented.