Spanish PS3 users report sudden BR drive lockup

Some PS3 users reported sudden inability to use BR disc optical media, among recent rumors and Sony's non-manifest and open to speculation plans to fight back piracy, this small phenomena appears on one of the so called "most piracy-permissive countries in the world"
Is something's rotten in denmark?, is it just a coincidence or part of the consumer electronics normal lifecycle?

Approximate Translation: Oficial PS forums are on fire, as we read, more than 250 users are affected, and that's only in Spanish forums.

They have suffered Error: 80010514 which renders the BR drive totally useless, making impossible ANY disk read.

First victims were registered in december, since then the number has surpassed 250 already, which points to a localized and growing meltdown, and not an isolated case as first thought.

Cause for this error remains unknown, some users blame Black Ops or GT5, some say it was naturally expected because of the debatable build quality of the lens.

Official advice from Sony includes changing/repairing the optical drive, but some users reported that this didn't solve their issue at all.

Be aware, no PS3 model is safe, including the latest of the slims.

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xino2804d ago

farking hell man!

no english?

"The official PlayStation forums are that whistle. As we read more than 250 affected"


-Ninja Gaiden 3-is sick man!:)

GrieverSoul2804d ago

Might not be the case but have you guys been tinkering with CFW?! Just a thought... In Spain, modding a console is like going to the farmacy. Its a normal thing and something you do with no remorse.

In any case, just take your PS3 to the shop where you bought them and activate the warranty. If they were bought in December like the article stats, there´s no problem. The warranty will cover any defect. Still, its annoying not having the console for 2 weeks.

InfectedDK2803d ago

Unlike 360 owners I turn on my PS3 with no fear and play as long as I want without doubting it will still work.
Lol nice try 360 only users. In the end you'll never get anything good out of this. Have a nice 10 year... No 10 different 360 models lifetime x-)

Ingram2804d ago

Sorry dudes, my first submission

Kon2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

Use this link man, already translated : ate?hl=pt-BR&sl=es&tl= e n&u= just erase the spaces

SMOK3xFFx2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

"Is something's rotten in denmark?"

lol, what novel was that from again?

Dsnyder2804d ago

This is probably because of Geohot.

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The story is too old to be commented.