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kratos1232888d ago

now im happy i dont care what anybody says but SE havent given the ps3 crowd any exclusief and this is just the first.
the ps3 deserves this

Shanks2888d ago

"Versus is confirmed as PS3 only, according to FF-Reunion."

Hell yeah!

thereapersson2888d ago

Not simply because it remains exclusive, but because they were keeping the game under such a tight lid that I was beginning to wonder if they were still bothering to forge ahead with development.

I'm really excited to hear more on this game as the year progresses!

RememberThe3572888d ago

I think they're going to push FF13-2 since it's coming out before FFv13. It doesn't seem like they want to even release the damn game.

thereapersson2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Well, as much as I don't want that to be true, I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case. Square Enix would rather concentrate on making mediocre multiplat games instead of trying to release a PS3-exclusive title in a relevant time frame.

Iamback2888d ago

"“This is a fantasy based reality,”"
What kind of nonsense is this? O it's FF, never mind

Cloudberry2888d ago


From the article:

"While you’re waiting, bask in the knowledge that Final Fantasy XIII-2 has been confirmed, and that Tetsuya Nomura has firmly stated that Final Fantasy Versus XIII will remain a PS3 exclusive."


From the words of Tetsuya Nomura himself.

evrfighter2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

well after there last two abominations...I won't expect much

SE has just about shattered its reputation of delivering quality RPG's. Wonder if this will be the final nail in the coffin.

thereapersson2888d ago

This is different, evrfighter. Nomura is taking his own approach to the series, and he doesn't have SE mucking things up by pushing a multiplat agenda and trying to linearize everything. This is going to be an open-ended FF, the way fans were clamoring for in the beginning with FFXIII.

redwolf2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )


JoySticksFTW2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

".... for now"?
".... in Japan"?

I don't trust SE, so I'm waiting for one of those scenarios

But I really wish it remained exclusive. It is my opinion that most of this gen's best games have been exclusive.

I bought each console banking on exclusives to push the consoles to new limits like Gears, GoWIII, Uncharted, and MGS4 have done.

Of course there are exceptions like ME2, RDR, the AC games, but those are from exceptional developers. Square was in that top class - when near every game released the two previous generations was triple A quality - I can't place them in that class anymore. SE fell off... waaaaay off.

I think SE is the type of organization that really needs to focus their top talent and resources on one system to get amazing results.

When FFXIII was gutted and stripped down as was reported, something's going on. I think being multiplatform had a lot to do with it... more specifically, counting on PS3's storage space then finding out that it's going to 360 as well. And we've all heard the stories of devs / publishers struggling to keep the disc numbers down due to MS fees.

It's not my money, but I really feel that SE should either keep it exclusive or pony up the money for all of the extra disks needed to makes this game really special. No gutted towns, lessened video / audio quality, or SE devs making statements that enough content to make another game was removed (which I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out to be FFXIII 2).

And to add...

SE seems to only care about money now. So much so, that they will keep exclusives on 360 when they know the vast majority of their fans are on Playstations or Nintendo consoles.

The only way that I see this game remaining exclusive to PS3, is if Nomura pitches a fit or Sony throws them some money (more than what MS is offering... yeah right)

@ redwolf

Whoa!! Great find! Is this guy for real? Sounds like me, but he's less nerdy :)

2888d ago
thats_just_prime2888d ago

I wouldnt put much stock in it. SE said FF13 was exclusive right up till E3 when they said it be on the xbox too. Then they said it be ps3 exclusive in japan and in the end the released it on the xbox in japan too. At best its a timed exclusive

visualb2888d ago

haven't you seen the 6 min trailer?

its not surprising its exclusive...looks like an exclusive (you know that weird PS3 exclusive vibe you get) =)

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FiftyFourPointTwo2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Remember this?

noctis lucis caelum = NOMULA IS SCE CULTIC


ShinMaster2888d ago

Nomura is devoted to Sony Computer Entertainment.


Dsnyder2888d ago

Dark light Sky? Looks like that is a latin based name.

Oldsnake0072888d ago

I seriously think Sony has the money down for versus 13. they see the potential of this game and want it to remain exclusive.

Da One2888d ago

They paid for FFXIII development and still got screwed.

rockleex2887d ago

Haven't heard of them paying Square Enix ANYTHING this generation.

Da One2887d ago

Famitsu said that MS had to pay for the breach of contract for Square-Enix making the gaming multiplat....Also at one point sony was also marketing FFXIII in Japan.....that stopped though.

lazysey2888d ago

ps3 exclusive in japan only. see what i did there?

rrw2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

the picture say worldwide

m23452888d ago

lol, you got owned son.

BubbleSniper2888d ago

yes we see what u did there

u just got owned HARD.

sit plz.

lazysey2888d ago

wow easy there, go watch the new trailer, "For Playstation 3" is all I saw. dumbass fangirls

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ReservoirDog3162888d ago

Well, hope everyone can sleep soundly knowing that only people with PS3s can play this video game.

If that was on your top 10 worries in life at the moment, well, you should be happy cause you have a very very easy life.

RBLAZE19882888d ago

Maybe square enix is really trying to get their sh*t together. Their claiming ff13-2 is going to fix things that were wrong with ff13 and they kept versus an exclusive. Looks like the death threats worked lol. But yea. Ff13-2 is releasing 1 year after 13...anyone find that a little odd how quick the turn around time is. Looks like they had some extra content that was cut from development cause it couldn't fit on the 360. J/k guys j/k idc anymore about that true or not, all that matters is that versus 13 stays on track as an exclusive. It's been in development for almost half a decade!

FACTUAL evidence2888d ago

Yeah they say it's still an exclusive.....but SE said the same about guys ain't foolin me twice...I'll believe it when I see it.

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SteamPunkKid2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

i really just want it to be as awesome as the trailers make it out to be

LordMarius2888d ago

wait for E3 before celebrating, after that event is gone then you can dance

Kamikaze1352888d ago

Until it gets delayed till 2012 and you come back here posting after E3 telling us to wait till TGS or E3 2012.

LordMarius2888d ago

I will only move the goal post if SE moves it first, but in Nomura we trust

52pickup2888d ago

GOOD! I had the cold shower ready too.

Let's celebrate PS3 brothers!

BubbleSniper2888d ago

yes will celebrate with bonefire

using xbox 360 to start it course