New Killzone Preview

Ready for action? Killzone 2 has been on the minds of almost every gamer since E3 2005. Can a video game really look that good and play even better? We take a look at Guerrilla Games upcoming shooter in this extensive preview.

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Maddens Raiders3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

but a nice little demo around Sept 25th would do just fine for me.

nasim3867d ago

What a shame MS are releasing that cartoon game named Halo3.

poor BOTS would be getting the game only

kooplar3866d ago

looks like you got some sony fanboy followers there!, 13 agrees, wow, guess there are even more sony fanboys hiding, at least nasim shows his face!!

Meus Renaissance3867d ago

An impressive demo would definitely have IGN, Gamespot and Eurogamer buzzing with good previews. Not 1UP though, they'll still have Halo 3 on their main page by the time I have children.

sonarus3867d ago

lol there are fan boys on all sides. Most adult males prefer the 360 to the ps3. The real thing is keeping your persolnal opinion from your professional.

THC CELL3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

no mate girls and kids like x box 360. how can u like a guy who looks like a power ranger and shoot pink.

ps3 is for hardcore gamers
come oct 2007 people are going to see what ps3 can really do Home etc

next year x box 360 will be like japan in the euro district
ps3 will always win a console war in the end no matter what game other consoles offer

if ff7 turns out to be real x box will hot a drop big time and halo 4 wont match to win

Anyways people who call them self hardcore gamers
well a true hardcore gamer respects all consoles and gamer

halo 3 will be a blast no matter what over six million people will buy it first day. true. i keep asking my self am i a fool to run and buy this game. really i think its worth the wait a bit longer or maybe a rental. online wise
NO CHANCE i really think the online can not match to call of duty
and haze gameplay as for what i have seen.

back to killzone
i really think they have done well this time. looks awesome

D R Fz3867d ago

"Guerrilla Games achieves some of the most realistic bodily convulsions we've seen in a video game to date." - I have to agree

"How they manage to blend mo-cap with real-time physics is beyond us here at Plat4mer..." - I'm still wondering how.

In the end, this game is already at the top of my list of must buy games for 2008.

Spike473867d ago

guerilla really needs to buckle down and nail this game, many websites and people out there are ready to bash this game, some of them can't wait to put a big fat 7.0 on it.

this game looks amazing, but since I don't know squat about it's gameplay, I'm still undecided.

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The story is too old to be commented.