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LordMarius2891d ago

but will it have HD towns featuring Leona Lewis

Led-Zeppelin2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

2011 is breaking my balls with all these new games.

Cloudberry2891d ago

I just hope it would be better than XIII at least...

2891d ago
FrankMcSpank2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

What sucks is that FFXIII was so terrible, I never finished it. I don't really want to replay that game at all, but I guess I am going to have to. I hate you Square.

We got you brother. Can anyone name an RPG that didn't have towns? I never got why SE actually pulled it. Instead of just taking MS's money for it, they could of worked out a 4disc deal for the system, so they could of added the towns and all the extras. Oh wait, it was 15gigs of lost data. Oh I guess there goes your FFXII-2. Towns are confirmed?

heroicjanitor2891d ago

Hate to be the first to say it but there's a chance a fair amount of XIII-2 will be content cut from the first game. If anything was cut.

nickjkl2891d ago

hd towns was mis interpreted

he was refering to the remake of final fantasy 7 in that article in which recreating those towns would be harder than

creating something new

deafwing2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

man they got a lot to do in that game; so what do I want?

- grow those characters up because all that whinning drove me crazy LOL and for God's sake make Snow STFU about being a damn Hero.

- deepen the level up system ... not enough spells, etc

- yea, I know, blah blah blah more towns but you can't deny, the formulae works SE;

towns = npcs
npcs = side quests
side quests = happy rpg fans

- Biggest for me: Do it up International Style; at this point, you owe us that SE (big time).

... but I'm sure for some of you the list could go on forever.

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Oldsnake0072891d ago

let's hope they learned from their mistakes with FF13.

Also WTF ?! FF13-2 , a game which was announced today, will be realesed before versus XIII which was announced 6 years ago. LMAO. sad.

hay2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

What mistakes? That 6m+ copies sold? Crap is cool with them as long as it sells.

SoapShoes2891d ago

Just means Versus will have much more quality put into it and we can tell XIII already didn't have much at all.

deafwing2891d ago

i see your point
but SE claimed that they had everything from the get go to make a longer game (ffxiii) but it never happened; time money, man power (enter se lame excuse here).

never the less, the assets (characters, models, 3D images, etc) are all there for the tweaking

most likely its the same stuff from the previous game updated, with all the content that wasn't included from before making it possible to release the game before Versus ... but SE is known to say FU and change release dates at the last minute.

Game13a13y2891d ago

*but will it have HD towns featuring Leona Lewis?*

no, cause its also on the 360

Oldsnake0072891d ago

^ stupid fanboy just ignore him

worldgames2891d ago

How is he being a fanboy?? The 360 version wasnt hd, only the cut scenes where 720p and the in game was a lot lower then that.

Maybe he was being a little snide but thats it.

And after ff13 i wont be picking up number 2 of it.

Oldsnake0072891d ago

Read dead Redention wasn't even Hd on the ps3.

RDR looks better than FF13 is an open world game.
Does this mean the ps3 held back RDR ?

see that's just stupid and ignorant to say a console held back another one.

ShinMaster2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

RDR wasn't developed for PS3. It was a port.

Besides, the argument in FFXIII was about the amount of content and data difference between PS3 and 360 discs and the development decisions that have to be made behind the scenes so that both versions remain relatively "equal".

badz1492891d ago

I'm not trying to be a fanboy but FFXIII on 360 are all 576p gameplay and cutscenes!

StarCSR2891d ago

If the numbers in your nickname express your age, I can understand your fanboy reaction.

Denethor_II2891d ago

"*but will it have HD towns featuring Leona Lewis?*

no, cause its also on the 360"

Ah, just Leona again then.

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Digitaldude2891d ago

Can't be worse than 13... oh wait...

lazysey2891d ago

ff13-2 is actually all the content that made ff13 linear compiled on 3 more xbox disks. you will need to own the 1st game to play it as well, because they are sort of treating this as an expansion but don't want you to know its just missing content.

Lovable2891d ago

Hahahaha No one can forget the Leona Lewis part

Although I can say that I'm very happy to hear that there's a sequel/prequel...I'm one of those people who liked the game for what it offered not because it was a FF title.

Anderson82891d ago

it realy didn't offer anything other than an ok battle system.. the sad thing is this will probably sell another 6mil green lighting a fxiii-3

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Zir02891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

I guess simultaneous release WW this time.

Edit: Yes I am right and its even coming out in 2011, damn that was fast.

MarkedOfCheyne2891d ago

I guess the real question is…. Will it be out before Versus? :)

Marcello2891d ago

No the real question is.. Will it be crap just like all other SE games. Answer: More than likely

Zuriel2891d ago

Funniest yet truest comment I've read all day.

mark4572891d ago

Square-enix uses FFXIII-2

It was supereffective!

Hopes in Square-Enix: -20
Inflicted with Poison!

Lucreto2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

I just hope it is not like FF X-2. The only FF I regret buying. I would like to see a major improvements to the game and I hope it is released this year as well.

FiftyFourPointTwo2891d ago

At least FFX-2 has tons of places and sidequests to explore.

I regret buying FFXIII.

FrankMcSpank2891d ago

X-2 wasn't great, but it's no Mystic Quest. That was crap unlike crap I have played.

supersonicsaga2891d ago

At least FF X-2 had some redeeming qualities like it's battle system and job system. I will think thrice before playing/buying FF 13-2.

blackpanther252891d ago

yeah I agree with everyone else FFx-2 seemed a bit girly but the battle system was good, the music was good, the cutscenes were good, and it had a huge amount of content.

I felt worse buying FF 12 and 13 more than i did buying ffX-2

TheCagyDies2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

I hope Lightning keeps her clothes on unlike Yuna and Rikku.

inbetweener2891d ago

wait, why do you hope that?

TheCagyDies2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

cause I love my women in uniform?????????? idk