“Xbox Isn’t a Gaming Console” – You sure about that?

GOS: An editorial about why the Xbox 360 should be seen as a gaming console.

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ASSASSYN 36o2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

It is what ever the people want to call it, who designed and built it. I sure do more than just play games on my 36o.

Kurt Russell2765d ago

It predominately is used to play games though, so I would label it as a games console. Just like I label my PC simply as a wank bank.

Igniter2765d ago

But if you network your 360 and PC together, the 360 becomes a wank bank by streaming content from the PC. So the 360 truly is an entertainment system!!

SixZeroFour2764d ago

igniter...same would be said about the iphone, its not even a cell phone anymore, its a handheld device that just so happens to also be a phone