Study: Wii will continue to outsell Xbox 360 and PS3

Gamer Blorge writes: "A new study has shot to pieces the theory that the Wii's limited grunt will stall its popularity. The study also reinforces how important it is for Sony to rectify the perception that there is a lack of good games for the PlayStation 3 (PS3).
Market research company BrandIntel analyzed information from more than 400,000 blog, forum, and social networking comments, and concluded that more mainstream gamers intend on buying the Wii than either the Xbox 360 or PS3".

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skynidas3901d ago

i dont know how the wii sells so good the system is a piece of $h1t

Bnet3433901d ago

as much as I like Nintendo and hate PS3 fanboys, I'm going to have to agree with that. I'm buying a Wii to get my mom to play games, she likes Mario stuff so that will be fun to her.

fenderputty3901d ago

It doesn't matter if we are fan boys or not. All of us can be considered HARDCORE gamers. The Wii appeals to the casual gaming side of life. Both of our loved consoles will do so as well. It's just not going to happen until the price drops more and, more people have HDTV's. Both of those things are going to happen though. No point in having and HDTV without an HD input. It's one of the reasons I bought my PS3.

w57cpd3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

Come on lets be truthful the reason why the Wii sells more than the PS3 & Xbox360 is due to the price. If the PS3 or the 360/HD price was $249 the Wii will have a harder time convincing people to purchase their system over the competition. It all comes down to the price, people will find more interest in the PS3 or Xbox360 if the price was right. The Wii just don't offer the consumer as much as MS & Sony. People in general like a bargain, at the same price the Wii isn't a worthy offer.

Rute3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

To w57cpd: If you think people buy Wii only because of the cheap price point, then why is it's average price higher than that of 360's and almost as high as PS3's at eBay? Average prices:
Wii - $396.50
360 - $295.87
PS3 - $434.48

Wii sells because of it's innovation, there's no denying that.

EDIT: to ER1X:
The reason why people on average pay more than the retail price for the Wii at eBay is, like you said, because the supply isn't enough to meet the crazy demand. However, that doesn't explain why people don't purchase a 360 or PS3 instead. For example, if the eBay-surfers would think that 360 is a better console, then surely they would pick it over a used Wii, as it's retail price is $50-$120 LESS (premium/core) than the average eBay price of the Wii.

Worthy of notion is also the fact that Wii has a lot better supply than the 360 or PS3, so availability-wise it's not like comparing diamonds to iron.

ER1X3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )


It's simple and demand.

Anyone can walk into a store and buy a PS3 or 360. Not always the case with the Wii. When supply cannot meet demand, people will pay more to get there hands on it. This is why the Wii's average selling price is higher on eBay. Why would anyone pay top dollar on eBay for a 360/PS3 when they can go to a variety of stores and pick one up for retail price?

Rooftrellen3900d ago

You're right that the Wii can go for more on ebay because its hard to find int a store, but what does that tell us about the price that supply and demand meet for the Wii?

Shortages show that the Wii is under the price at which people will buy it, and ebay shows us exactly how much people are willing to pay. Even if you go by the store price of the 360 and PS3, the Wii sells on ebay in the same price range, and it shows people are willing to pay about as much for a Wii as for a 360 or PS3.

ER1X3900d ago


To me it simply means people are willing to pay more NOW because they are having a harder time getting there hands on it. If the Wii was sitting on store shelves 24/7 like the 360 and PS3, the average selling price on eBay would drop accordingly.

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Wozzer3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

I know the Wii 'console' is supposed to be for casual gamers but you hit the nail on the head there lol

unsunghero283901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

You guys reek of sadness that Nintendo is pwning everyone so hard.

The system comes out with killer games and still people completely deny its validity. It's a rare gamer that doesn't want Super Smash Bros Brawl or Super Mario Galaxy.

Stop the hate. Casuals can play games too. Sheesh.

-Edit- @below:
Do you realize what high standards you're holding the Wii to?

You want it to be "special?" You prefer the PS3, which has a whopping 1 exclusive game in the critical 9+ range?

By now I'm way tired of pulling out lists of games, but basically the Wii has TONS of games coming for it soon. And some of them look spectacular. I seriously doubt that you'll ever be satisfied with the Wii, however, unless it magically grew a fancy video card.

BloodySinner3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

They're being honest and so am I. The Nintendo Wii is a very lame console. Nintendo decided to play cheap this generation and got away with it. And those 3 titles you mentioned are made by Nintendo, and they MUST be good. Especially for this holiday season.

Unfortunately, I refuse to buy into the Wii hype because I know I'll regret the purchase like most REAL gamers who buy it.. There is absolutely nothing special about the console. I really don't see what the Nintendorks see in the console. If I ever buy another console, it's definately going to be the PS3. Not some lame gimmick. And yes, casuals can play video games, alright... The crappy ones (which happens to be the majority of Wii games).

DeckUKold3901d ago

not nearly as happy as i was now all those good games comming out after a summer drought my pockets are gonna be empty with the wii purchase and all the games red steel zelda godfather sonic super paper mario transformers call of duty etc i love my wii the summer drought help me with gamecube games and the wii games i beat till metroid i don't want a 360 or a ps3 although i got both they just got upgraded graphics ever thing else is the same the controls feel the same the games whats the difference remember u don't play graphics you just watch and don't hate apprciate ninty is pwnin the consoles not u

zerolinkgannon3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

I find from my recent study that everytime there's a Wii related article some fangirl always come on talking about how much they hate the wii. After conducting several experiments on a test subject we've come to the conclusion,..... their noobs and all hope for the brain to think on its own is lost. ~pirate data log 4561, all hail dark samus~

Man im bored -lol-

heh, easy there Bloodysinner, no need to be the english teacher of N4G ya know...oops.. I mean "you know". Just like you have the right to have an opinion, I have the right to have fun. So relax and keep on with your wii hate as it keeps on printing money. ^^

BloodySinner3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

"their noobs and all hope for the brain to think on it's own is lost"


It's "they're (or they are)" not "their". I suppose if YOU had a decent brain, you'd learn some proper English. I guess you're the noob around here, not us.

DeckUKold3901d ago

i like all three consoles but certainly wii is the closes to next gen because i dreamed of virtual reality on a console since snes you people just hate thats why this site is slow all these xbox/ps3 b!tches it's a game don't cry don/t cry you act more like Ec(early childhood) than M for u know

BloodySinner3901d ago

Sorry, your comment didn't make much sense. You might want to rephrase it so we can understand you, noob.

Shaka2K63901d ago

The worst POS in the history of gaming.
nintendo them selfs said it though wii is different then x360 or PS3, why do people keep comparing them.

its totally different market and its a cheap POS compared to the x360 or PS3.
its the biggest dissapoinment in gaming history since halo 2, people need to be stupid enough to try to convimce them selfs that this is a fun console, buts its a rip-off and it sucks mini games more of the same and it lack games.

Rooftrellen3901d ago

Its funny a PS3 fanboy says the Wii lacks games.

It has more must-haves now than the PS3 has annouced! It also has a monstrously good lineup.

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