Is Silent Hill Still Scary After 12 Years? | Mad Overdose writes: With the release of Dead Space 2 right around the corner, I've been thinking what makes a good survival horror game. Everyone keeps telling me how Dead Space is one of the best survival horror games of all time, when in fact I can't help but feel the need to club these people over the head with their own retard of the year award. I've never fully understood how Dead Space can be considered survival when I'm tripping over ammo and health insanely frequently. And yes, I'm talking about Impossible mode too. Maybe I'm just kickass at that particular game, who knows, but I fail to experience the survival aspect that the game is so highly touted upon if I'm always well equipped and have a stockpile of health packs large enough to start my own mobile health care business. Now don't get your space nuts in a twist, Dead Space was a fantastic game, and I have no doubts that Dead Space 2 will be better still and offer many memorable moments. The only game that's come close in recent memory is Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Yes, it was a fantastic game and was oozing in atmosphere, but still - I never really jumped. It never had me on edge. I would definitely say it was a stride in the right direction. But I guess I've always favored the more traditional survival horror over this new strain of the genre - this action horror as I call it. And for that, there's no finer example than the original Silent Hill.

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silent hill horror game....EVER...