Versus – Mass Effect 2 PS3 Retail Versus Demo Screenshot Comparison

In this special edition of Versus we take a closer look at how much has changed visually in BioWare’s Mass Effect 2 from the demo to the final retail version. Why would we do this? Because of Chris Priestly that’s why.

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MicrocutsX22888d ago

Whatever the case me, the differences are pretty negligible. It seems like they did improve on the performance though which is probably the best thing out of this.

Kiroe2888d ago

Personally I never saw what all the fuss was with the minor differences between the graphics in the first place. The game looks good, has a great story and universe. I am just glad PS3ers can enjoy it now.

liquidxtension2888d ago

Don't forget all the free dlc they're getting too. Ps3 owners are really lucky even if they can't get dibs on mass effect 1.

Chaos692888d ago

There will probably release a GOTY edition very soon for the X360 that'll cost you $30.

And the DLS aren't free, you paying $60 for a game that came out a year ago.

beardpapa2888d ago

DLC is still free if it's packed in with an msrp of $59.99. Those of us who played ME2 a year ago paid $49-59.99 (depending on where we got it) then the price of DLC after.

ksense2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

i paid 36.99 on amazon which offers a 20$ credit so yea i bet u paid 60$ plus more for dlc when it first came out

HolyOrangeCows2887d ago

2nd to last pic of black guy looks like a "Failed updog joke" :P

I'm glad the lighting on Miranda is fixed. She looked so freaking ridiculous the way the lighting was on the 360 version and the PS3 demo. Deformed, even.

jaidek2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

Just picked up both on my lunch hour! Time to do some serious gaming this evening.

seifer0852887d ago

Still waiting for my copies!

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jaidek2888d ago

Even if they are just minor tweaks, I am glad to see the game is performing smoother than the demo.

hazardman2888d ago

If this is your 1st go on ME you guys are in for one hell of a ride..looking forward to another go with the PS3 I can build my character for ME3..

jaidek2888d ago

yeah, I am planning on doing the same. I am really intrigued by the choose-your-own-adventure intro to ME2 on the PS3. You can literally change the your ME2 experience in minutes instead of hours.

distorted_reality2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Which isn't a great thing imo. Each to their own though.

jarrod19812887d ago

thats okay but there is no way it can replace actually playing the first game which was great by the way. either way im glad ps3 only owners get to experience this. i might buy it again cause i never got the dlc.

junk3d2888d ago

This game is a must buy for any PS3 owner, regardless of the differences the game may have!

seinfan2888d ago

The demo really was a turn off. I played some of the first game too and I didn't understand the accolades it got. I'm still perplexed as to why the majority of people like this series.

sp1deynut2888d ago

I know exactly how you feel, dude. Heavy Rain and Demon's Souls left me feeling the exact same way. I know they're both quality, award-winning games...but I just couldn't get into them at all. And even though I loved ME1 & 2, I can certainly understand how some people wouldn't like them. To each their own...

hazardman2888d ago

Well maybe thats the played "some" of the 1st..give it a chance dude it might change your mind about the series. Off topic I wish EA had released the 1st ME with this..showing you what happens in 1st as not same as playing it..

Bathyj2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

I couldnt get into the first one either.

I thought I was going to love it, a TPS-RPG.
But it seemed more shooter than RPG and as a shooter it was mediocre.

But, I'm not doubting the praise it got, I probably needed to play more of it to invest myself into the RPG part of it. I cant remember what else I was playing at the time but it must have drew me away.

Mass Effect is definitely a series I want to revisit.

dead_eye2888d ago

See the demo really made me change my mind about ME2. I couldn't get into the first one but really liked the demo for the second one.

Spitfire_Riggz2888d ago

Nice honest reply there, to be honest I cannot get into Fallout 3 no matter how hard I try, and Oblivion is one of my favorite games of all time.

gaden_malak2888d ago

No game is going to satisfy everyone. People have different tastes in gaming.

gamer20102888d ago

I'm glad that everyone here recognizes that each person has different tastes. Not everybody is going to like the same things.

ravinash2887d ago

Sometimes you do have to play a game a fair way through before you really start to get into it.
Fallout3 it takes a while to find the missions and start knowing where your going once you got out.
I stopped for a while, but started a little later and really got into it.

Mass effect 1, seem like bad game play at the start, but thats because you have to build up your character before he comes good, and a little further into the game the story starts to develope.

So yeah, you have to invest time in these games.

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danmachine2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

i played the PS3 demo too, i didn't enjoy it so i'm not buying it.

worldgames2888d ago

Actually I agree I didnt enjoy the demo at all. So yeah ill be picking up LBP2 and DC universe.

duplissi2888d ago

too bad, it was my goty for last year. it was especially awesome (for me anyway) that uncharted 2 came out at the end of 09 and mass effect 2 came out at the begining of 10 so i got to play two fucking awesome games within months of each other.

Spitfire_Riggz2888d ago

Getting this and Lbp2 tomorrow

hazardman2888d ago

wondering why you got a disagree! I'm getting this and BBC2 Ultimate Edition.. off topic I never played LBP1 cause I thought it was to kiddy looking, but after watching the new Qore episode LBP2 is the SHIT!! You can do whatever, you can literally create your own mini games..CRAZY!!

Spitfire_Riggz2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Dude thats awesome! I suggest getting it at best buy. Im getting LBP2 and ME2 and they are offering a free new game with the purchase of 2 so I'm getting an extra copy of LBP as a gift.

BBC2 is my favorite game you should add me my PSN ID is exactly the same as my username here. We can game shoot up some fools then create some sweet levels afterwards =D (If you get LBP2)

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