Measures Sony is taking against PS3 jailbreak

The PS3 has been hacked, So what is Sony to do? It's obvious by now that it will be very expensive for them to try to win the war against piracy through regular software updates, so they are doing whatever else they can. Read on about what Sony is doing to protect their games from piracy.

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Billy_Dee_Williams2885d ago

Try as they may, they wont be able to stop it. Only slow it down.

deadreckoning6662885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

Yep..thats the way it will be for ALL consoles and electronics. The right to hack an Iphone/Ipod touch hacks alone are proof that hacking is here to stay.

The only thing Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo can do about it is slow it down. I'm actually pretty excited to see what kinda monkey Sony's gunna pull outta there ass ta fix this mess.

fail0verflow2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

people are getting tired of PS3-JB news and articles that say NOTHING NEW, they're not getting super hot anymore

you're late kickarss


crzyjackbauer2884d ago

I Disagree
sony instead of suing him
they should hire him, if he could break the ps3 OS, im pretty sure he can sure as hell show sony how to make it more secure

smarted companies like MS, Apple, IBM hires the same hackers that hack in to theyre software, so they can show them how they did it and patch the problem
they always give them the option
either you work for me or you go to jail

ExPresident2884d ago


From what I've read he didn't break it. Hackers gained access to a Dev kit which gave them access to the code, which they wouldn't have had without the dev kit.

SpinalRemains1382884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

That's kinda like Man Bites Dog.
I hear Pirates do a lot of raping. I hear another guy in Pittsburgh does some raping too. His name is Big Ben and he likes a little resistance.

LordStig2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

Why does he have such punchable faces? i mean seriously could you stand being in the same room as him looking at his mug and listening to his life story for more than 5 seconds without wanting to put your fist through his face? I mean....ARGH!!!

Mr Tretton2885d ago

Loser, sociopathic dorks. That's why.

gorebago2885d ago

I wouldn't call people that are intellectually curious sociopaths.

NJShadow2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )


I'd call him someone that I'd like to spend an afternoon with and talk, seriously. Heck, I just realized that he lives in my state, I may just give it a shot at some point. I mean, the guy is smart. I'd love to research the way he thinks a bit.

gorebago2885d ago

You can blame your frustrations on how hes using grammer to control you because you might as well, no difference.

beavis4play2884d ago

agreed. if i was beside him when he's talking all of his rhetoric - i'd just beat the sh1t out of him.... of course - he probably got worked over pretty good in school.

SuperbVillain2884d ago

He does have the nerdy douche fuck look to him.

Kon2885d ago

Need to stop with this lame articles about the same damn thing!

NJShadow2885d ago

It's not even about the same thing! These guys are WAY behind.

gaden_malak2885d ago

Were there this many articles when the Wii and 360 were hacked?

pimpmaster2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

360 still isnt hacked. it can play backups via dvd flash but the actual console isnt hacked to run custom apps.

HarryMonogenis2885d ago


It's funny how you've clearly stated a fact, yet you're getting disagrees.


duplissi2885d ago

no because it is normal for a device to be hacked to hell and back before or shortly after release, and the ps3 has been an anomaly considering it was about 4 years before anything real happened.

BX812885d ago

@gaden You must have joined this site today.

LordStig2885d ago

You know what this dickhead has done could possibly be another video game crash Thanks alot asshole

tatical2885d ago

Thumbs-up for GeoHotz! I'm not sure why so many people hate this guy for hacking the PS3. It only allows people to write software for the PS3 (just like a regular PC or Mac). The games are still locked-down (for now...).

Billy_Dee_Williams2885d ago

LMAO! Your ignorance is astounding. Another crash because of this? The hack is not THAT big of a deal and quite frankly, neither is Sony.

LordStig2885d ago

with the tidal wave of hacker stories populating the net what game company wants to devlop games when assholes can get their game for next to nothing? ok say said company still devlop the game/s there not going to see the increase in sales like they used to, if anything this will cause more dev time and possible increase in game retail prices.

Billy_Dee_Williams2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

The wii, DS, and 360 have all been hacked to allow piracy for years now and each of those consoles sell more games than the PS3 does. None of those have had an increase in game prices or any thing ludicrous that you seem to think will happen. And in the off chance that this hack kills off the PS3 (it wont), that still wouldnt cause the industry to crash.

ASSASSYN 36o2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

Look Billy (lol) the 360 and wii have yes been hacked. But neither has it's encryption keys in the open. The ps3 went from being 70-80% resistant to hacks to 0% resistant due to the encryption keys being exposed by failoverflow and the gang. With those keys I can bring in a virus or app and apply the authorized keys and absolutely no firmware update or anti piracy method by Sony will stop it. The keys are the exact same ones Sony uses to authorize all ALL content. They probably cant eeven implement a method to detect hacks because it is all authorized content. The 360 and wii keys are safe and not exposed to the public. Content on those systems can be detected once connected online or updated with new updates.

So I don't know who you are calling ignorant when you are clearly oblivious to the severity of Sony's situation.

wissam2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )


You do know that the x360 has a hardware hack right ? why
do hackers even needs the keys. they have a total control over the hardware. and like billy said every console got hacked to death but when it comes to ps3 its doomed ? and
one other reminder. the slim x360 hacked within a week.
while the psp go took one year to be hacked. enough with
trolling people you do not know about what are you talking

ASSASSYN 36o2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

Microsofts issues are pathetically smaller to the seriousness of sonys new recent problem. Either you kids just don't understand or don't want to understand as if the problem will just go away.

ex. With no encryption keys a hacker who place software into a console will risk rejection, detection, and bricking if the game system is online. That includes hardware and/or software mods for the Ps3, 360, or wii.

Ex. With the encryption keys a hacker has the exact approval ability of ms, nintendo, or Sony to approve their own hacks, software, and hardware with out any absolute fear of rejection, detection, and bricking. It is the stealth fighter of hacks. Online offline it doesn't matter! Sony won't be able to get you. Firmware or no firmware updates. You can't change the encryption keys. If you did and could. Then not one single game you own would work in the system at all. No software would be accepted. No past content would be acceptable. All would be rejected. It would be like cutting your head off to get rid of a pimple.

Microsoft and nintendo's encryption keys are NOT exposed to the hacking community! SONY'S IS!!! You can freaking google it!
Is there anything confusing about that? Does this just not compute in your head? This is some serious shit. Sony has a stupid huge problem.

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