The 7 Commandments All Video Games Should Obey

David Wong writes - "We are here to condemn Grand Theft Auto IV, and other equally great games, not out of hatred, but out of love. For it does no good to point out the flaws in bad games as bad games by definition cannot be saved. No, we aim to save gaming from the abyss by pointing out the sins of games like the Elder Scrolls and Half Life series, games made by creators who actually care. It is in that spirit that we proclaim the commandments that they have broken, so that they may be redeemed. Who are we? Just a bunch of gamers who got really, really bored. What are the consequences for breaking these commands? Well ... we might start reading books or something."

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fromasterjay2804d ago

HAHAHAHAHA!!! this is hilarious!

WildArmed2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

One of the better articles I've read all year!
Kodus to the author.

I was laughing at this image for soo long
Oh man, it made me soo sad on the inside xD

imoutofthecontest2804d ago

Cracked has some genius writing quite often on a variety of subjects, actually. I love that site.

Ultraplayerxp2804d ago

Cracked is an awesome site. Really funny and informative at the same time(for the most part). I especially enjoy whenever they put out history and MMA articles.


''This should be the law: If you've programmed your cutscene so that we can't skip it, then you should have your game programming license revoked. If you have placed your cutscene right before a spot where we're likely to die, and given us no ability to save after it, then you deserve a beating.'' sooooooo true!

Hitman07692804d ago

Hell yeah! Also let tutorials be skippable geez!

Theo11302804d ago

One of the worst articles I have read in a while, content and language wise.

gorebago2804d ago

Way too much time on their hands....i guess mine too in having read it.

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