New Sonic Fan Film Trailer + Interview Made Available

Well, my enthusiasm officially plummeted after seeing that trailer.. I mean, hearing Jaleel White doing Sonic again was fantastic, but that Sonic model? Ugh… Sonic’s look is the touchiest thing that any and all Sonic fans will easily flip their lid over, and they’ve officially done that. I mean, it’s a very detailed model, but it’s also a very crappy model for Sonic.

Oh, there’s also a 20+ minute interview after the trailer if you’re interested in that sort of thing…

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andyo132888d ago

What a fucking shit interview.

SupahJ2889d ago

Well that looks pretty terribad...

Valay2889d ago

I feel like fans are making a lot of their own Sonic games.

giantchicken2889d ago

Why is there a weird parting in Sonic's quills that make him look all furry? Looks weird...

xino2888d ago

because he is a furry hedgehog and that is how he should be presented, not the Sega's presentation

fur gets mentioned in sonic games yet no sign of Sonic having fur exist in Sega's sonic portray

-Ninja Gaiden 3-is sick!:)

Nightshadow2889d ago

Poor Sonic has been kicked soo much when he was down. I'm not sure if he will ever be able to get back up again =(

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