Top 7 game intros of all time

According to Gamertechtv they have been spending a lot of time playing DC Universe online on the PS3 recently, which has one of the best intros I have ever seen, and it got me thinking, is this the best intro ever?, and if not, what intros are better.

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digitalivan2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

No Onimusha 3 intro? This list sucks.

-Superman-2526d ago

Mafia !
You cant beat this. This music is amazing.

Gawdl3y2526d ago

Final Fantasy X or X-2 should definitely be on this list. Their intro scenes were outstanding.

digitalivan2526d ago

Yeah I remember Abe's Oddysee. That was an actually creepy game when I was a kid.

garos822526d ago

onimusha 3 intro is kick ass! i would have added FF7 intro too. i remember back in the day when they seamlessly mixed the cgi intro with gameplay. was brilliant and perfected in FF8

wenaldy2526d ago

Amen.. You beat me to it..

meetajhu2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

Agreed no Onimusha 3 intro = instant fail. And Diablo 1 intro was so epic in those days it was the first realistic CGI i ever saw

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godzookie2526d ago

no Omiwusha 3 so the list sucks?, dude grow up

Mikeyy2526d ago

Meh I would have choose Star Wars: Rebel Assault II: The Hidden Empire.

Live action cut scenes FTW!

distorted_reality2525d ago

Agreed, all those old Star Wars games (including the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series) were brilliant.

Studio-YaMi2526d ago

All these stupid "best blah blah of all time" should have a little "determiner" at the beginning of the sentence which is "Our" and then I'll agree,otherwise you can take "your" list and ram it against the wall,this is getting ridiculous !

Xwow20082526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

For me i see it as a very bad list but its personal opinion after all.

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The story is too old to be commented.