14 year old creates the hottest new iOS game


A 14 year old in the comfort of his own home has created a very popular iOS game. His name is Robert Nay and his game is Bubble Ball. Bubble Ball allows you to put together different pieces to get your ball to the goal.

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jack who2807d ago

and they said games are no good for you

mjurek2807d ago

Obviously they are for this kid.

HolyOrangeCows2807d ago

That SOB is probably making more than I am.

I wish I had time to learn to program and create games. I really do.

AmazingBrian2807d ago


nah, the game was free. He gained a lot of popularity so his next game will probably bring in a lot of money. If a .99 game sells 500,000, I'm not sure what apple takes but he'll probably get at least $200,000. I wish I knew code....

pimpmaster2807d ago

i looked into that bs. you need to pay apple 100$ a year and have a mac. FUK macs, im not spending 1000$+ for something thats worth 400$ in pc form

vickers5002807d ago

I guess he showed all those NAYsayers.

*instant rimshot*

Christopher2807d ago

Yet another iOS game that rips off of a well-established flash game.

andyo132806d ago

What the hell. This game isn't original at all. In fact there has been a better app on the market for ages. This kid just copied it and put it online for free. This is why I hate it when little kids make stuff. It always copies heaps from others and is usually crap in comparison.

Not only that but it's EXACTLY THE SAME AS THIS GAME

god I hate this 14 year old

fatstarr2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

It really isnt that hard to code guys.

al it is is creating something giving it actions and reactions and defining what it can and cant do.

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NoobSessions2807d ago

Saw this on the news the other day... pretty... wow.

Pandamobile2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

You can make mobile apps with Lua now? Dammit, why wasn't this kind of stuff around when I was 14...

starcb262807d ago

That picture looks like it's from the 80's.

CaptainPunch2807d ago

Lol good one. Well he's probably going to charge for his next game.

testerg352807d ago

lol.. you're future boss!

GoldPS32807d ago

Your future boss

You're = you are


Pandamobile2807d ago

Since when is being a nerd a bad thing?

Minifig2807d ago

I just recently went to my 10 year high school reunion. I had two bullies walk upto me and apologize to me for being a jerk..

The way they said it?

'We're sorry we called you a geek/nerd in high school..'

I kind of gave them the o.O face and then said 'What makes you say that?'... apparently they're working for a guy who makes a TON of money a year now and he's a first class geek/nerd... and he bosses them around so they know how it feels.


It's damn good to be the geek/nerd in school.

mjurek2807d ago

oh sweet sweet irony :)

DelbertGrady2807d ago

You know what's even better? Being smart without being socially challenged.

RockmanII72807d ago

you know what sucks? Being stupid and socially challenged... not that I would know..


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