Proof that Kinect controls FPS better than Mouse

A gentleman by the name of Bill Maxwell has just uploaded an amazing video of him controlling a FPS using Kinect. If anyone has any doubts that Kinect can be used for Hardcore games just check out the video below. This is all being down with one hand. His software allows him to use one hand that does: direction control (turn right/left), forward/reverse (variable speed), look (and target) up/down, jump, change weapon, fire and continuous fire. Just imagine the possibilities when head and full body tracking come into play. The Kinect open source community never ceases to amaze!

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MariaHelFutura2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

No, it doesn`t. I`m pretty sure that`s not even possible considering it`s NOT 1:1.

Sillyace922890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Well I think the video is fake. Don't get how the camera would discern the simple movement of the fist moving slightly up to jump all the time instead of looking up.

SasanovaS19872890d ago

can you imagine the epic fails if this was online...i seriously believe developers are scared to even try and make an FPS with kinect.

Biggest2890d ago

It doesn't matter if it's fake. It doesn't do what it says anyway. This is proof that someone owns the Kinect and uses it on his PC. Nothing more.

RememberThe3572890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Dude thats not fake, thats just the way the guy has set up the controls. The camera is proving to be very impressive. And that is coming from one of it's biggest critics (me). The problem with Kinect is the lack of bottons and most importantly software.

That will change in time, and with videos like this proving what it can do Kinect fans may having something to be excited about. As long as MS comes wit the software for the hardcore crowd that is.

Sure they'd most defiantly get schooled online but it looks kind of fun. And as long as it's fun it's doing what it was made to do.

ChickeyCantor2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

"Well I think the video is fake"

Yeah cause, its impossible to program certain movements.

mmPete2890d ago

I have 3 words to describe this

Interesting, Creative and Stupid

Pixel_Enemy2890d ago

OK, so he is using kinect to aim, how is he moving his character?

rockleex2890d ago

Umm, you can do this with a regular webcam. As long as you can track fingers, then you can do this.

Here's an example with PS Eye:

evrfighter2890d ago

all it proves is that kinect is possible in fps games. The sensitivity is just way to slow to be taken seriously however.

Sillyace922890d ago

I never said it was impossible, I just believe the vid is fake. Let me emphasize the "I". Kthanks.


I don't know if it's fake or not but he definitely wasn't opening/closing his hand to shoot @4:30 as he was before.

Also I can't see how he commands the movemens of the character forward, backward or to stop... Plus it appears you can't walk sideways.

I also believe the weapon change and jump movements, specially if slowly made, will be a headache as it can easily be mistaked by aim input. All the cuts throughout the video don't help too... Simply seens like, if it's not fake, it's something you gonna have to tune a lot 'till it works properly, than you'll need to get used to how it works + your settings and even than end up with a not that accurate or complete control scheme...

Not more natural at all, open you hand too shoot? Obviously it can't detect tiny movements as pulling an imaginaty trigger or going "pew pew pew" pointing index finger and folding thumb... Maybe if it was open your hand to launch red balls it could had worked naturally. :)

fail0verflow2890d ago

proof my ass, looks like meh

inveni02889d ago

If this is real, then this is pretty impressive. I notice he does a lot of straight running...not a lot of tactical movement. So besides being the "NFL Blitz" version of "Halo" (i.e. something where everyone runs around like mad cows, shooting each other with rocket launchers that have a .2 second reload speed), there's not much future here. But an FPS you can play with Grandma? Win! ...maybe...

kancerkid2889d ago

Doubt it is better than Kinect, but really fuckin' cool anyway.

FrankenLife2889d ago

You know what I love doing during long gaming sessions? Holding my arm out in mid air. My arm works better tired.

darthv722889d ago

I have to say this is impressive. To all the ones who are seriously downing this you need to take a step back. It may not the the "perfect" 1:1 or have buttons or whatever but what this vid shows is potential.

Obviously the perception would be different if it were something OTHER than kinect being used. Or if it werent associated with MS then people would be all over this.

People will stop at nothing to hate MS or what they have to offer. So much animosity towards something just isnt worth holding onto.

I see this and am inspired as to what future games and consoles will be like.

darksied2889d ago

Agreed, I'm going to call BS. What is making him move forwards and backwards? What's keeping him moving forwards? If pulling his arm back makes him reverse, he doesn't do anything and his character starts moving forwards again ...? Don't think it's real.

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ELite_Ghost2890d ago

they'd get owned online...

hardknock2890d ago

If it's a Kinect only game how would anyone get owned? They'd all be using the same controls.

Jaces2890d ago

The matches wouldn't last long considering everyone's arm would be dead tired. ;P

Elimin82890d ago

@hardknock.. Then, they'd own each other... lol.

Bigpappy2890d ago

@Alpha: It looks like he uses the left hand to initiate move and stop gestures. I would have done it a bit diffent (see post below). But yes, I think it is a good hack over all. He is getting fluid movement and has no problem controling the pointer.

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Kon2890d ago

It is cool how you always troll in a Kinect articles

sobekflakmonkey2890d ago

agreed, i think mouse just destroys that, and i cant imagine holding my arm in the air for that long either, it would just get shitty, and im a pretty strong fellow when it comes to lifting weight....but still, its nice to see that it is possible...but is it really needed?

theonlylolking2889d ago

Yup, and with a mouse I can do a 180 in like 0.001 seconds

DigitalAnalog2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

I would like to know. How does he keep going forward, or is that default setting? And why is the title so being desperate to promote kinect in such a way. Think they can go 180' in a split second? I wouldn't even use this in the easiest mode for L4D.

-End of Line

gamingdroid2890d ago

You know with a press of a button, you can make the character turn 180 degrees in a split second, but would that be fun?

It's not about ease of accomplishing a task, but how fun it is to accomplish such a task. That is the fundamental idea of game design.

This control scheme is way more immersible than using a controller so I can see this being fun as everyone will have the same issue as you do.

DigitalAnalog2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

You don't need a button to turn 180 in an FPS. I easily do it with my mouse. Playing a game like L4D would constantly require you to observe all directions, turning 180' or even 270' is the standard of the mouse and yet the video claims to be even better?

This control scheme only shows that the sensitivity and feedback can be achieved by Kinect, but misleading to claim that it's better than a mouse. Whether you think it's fun or not is up to your preference but this does not justify the title.

-End of Line

fr0sty2890d ago

if you're into waiting a quarter second for your gun to fire or for your movement to register, and having an arm that is worn out 5 minutes into the match, go for it. Meanwhile, us Wii and Move players will be actually competing in online shooters with ease, all while resting our arms on our lap.

hardknock2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

If you watch the full video you'll see that he uses this sitting down and you should be able to rest your elbow on your lap just like you do with the Move controller.

PWNER2890d ago

If your so freaking weak that you can't hold your arm up with no weight in it then you're pretty pathetic. On the football team we do stuff like that for quite some time, with 25 pound weights in each hand.

Biggest2890d ago

If you rest your arm on your knee, the camera has trouble detecting the joints. Kinect works much better when your body is in a normal shape.

fr0sty2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

pwner, I own a video production company and hold 8-10lb. cameras in my hands while extended out in front of me for hours at a time, and I have to remain completely still the entire time. I still do not want to be forced to do this just to enjoy a game. I'd rather have better accuracy, less lag, and the relaxing nature traditional controller based motion control offers. That way I can focus on actually aiming properly, not having to worry about the fatigue induced on my arm after playing for an hour or so having an effect on my quality of aim.

This also still leaves a lot of unanswered questions. Changing weapons, secondary fire, crouching, jumping, movement, enter/exit/use, etc. are all things that need INSTANT input in any FPS that is worth it's salt. How do you map this to gestures that can be recognized quickly enough (and also factor in kinect's inherent lag) to pull off in a competitive environment? Just because everyone is using kinect doesn't change the fact that you still have 32 people fumbling their way through laggy gestures (some recognized correctly, some not) to pull off what they used to do with pinpoint accuracy before. It becomes more of a chore, and less fun to play. Why even bother when better options are available in using a standard controller, a controller/mouse keyboard/mouse setup, or Move/Wii? All do FPS with a lot less hassle and more accurately, so even if someone does try to make a FPS for kinect, the question still remains. Why bother? Kinect needs to stick to what it's good at, rather than trying to do what it can't.

A competitive FPS using kinect is a pipe dream.

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Peppino72890d ago

As long as its not horrible it has potential to satisfy a casual crowd. The title is misleading because I doubt anything will be better than a mouse.

Christopher2890d ago

I have absolutely no problem if a person wants to play for long periods of time with their hand outstretched like this against those who use keyboard/mouse or controllers.

Good luck with that.

syanara2889d ago

for some reason all i am getting from this is that Kinect seems more fun to play on PC than Xbox...there goes another exclusive? meh i don't know / care but my statement stands I would rather play kinect on PC than xbox

Ifone2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Please, stop the propaganda with ms or fanboys blogs "insidekinect", or "industrygamer" (the one who spread misinformations about 8:1 sells, "80%" etc : ex gamedaily employee is full of ms lies)..

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Pandamobile2890d ago

Good luck playing something like Counterstrike with that.

MariaHelFutura2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

No one is playing any FPSs w/ Kinect that`s not on rails.


Sorry...On the 360 as a retail game.

jack who2890d ago

did you watch the vid? cuzz it wasnt on rails u r tad

MariaHelFutura2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

+Achievement Unlocked+
-Defend Kinect 1000 times-


+Achievement Unlocked+
-Ask If Maria Is Tad-


-Alpha2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

I don't think this was on rails. I don't understand how he controlled that movement though. At first I thought the character was automatically running but at times he was able to stop from running.

It's a nifty little hack. Much better than what I thought could be done. This hack is real cool and I give props to the hacker. He was able to create an FPS that wasn't on rails and looked fairly natural to control. One criticism however is that it seems to get tiresome real quick (reloading= opening fist, firing= punching fist, etc). Obviously it is too gimmicky for any competitive games to build off of what he is doing, but for what it's worth it's genuinely nice

Until something more solid comes out there is no reason to believe an FPS game on Kinect would control better than the mouse.

Come to think of it, the mouse simply is the best motion controlled device out there and it's been available in all its superior 1:1 precision glory for decades. Also, it's about 10 times cheaper.

fr0sty2890d ago

he was using the keyboard to move, and his fist to look around. when he starts firing the weapon, that's when the mouse wins hands down. notice the lag and how some shots don't actually fire when he wants them to. kinect has a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG way to go before it can ever even think of replacing a mouse. Move can't even do that and it's lag free and a heck of a lot more accurate.

-Alpha2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )


I thought so too but if you watch at parts like 2:45 he is standing up yet he controls the movement just fine. He doesn't seem to be using a keyboard at that point.

I see that on his comments he says that he controls strafing by moving his hand quickly to the right or left. It seems that he has done all this in one hand, which is why the hack is impressive.

I think the lag/unresponsiveness with the shots come from the awkward implementation of the one-handed controls he has programmed (you have to "punch" to fire). I don't understand how he put all that movement into one hand, and if it is honestly real then I think he did a good job of it. Obviously not suitable for competitive MP, but it's a fun thing to see done.

Biggest2890d ago

How is he moving forward? I understand the idea of moving left or right. I do not see how he was moving forward.

RememberThe3572890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

It didn't look like it was on rails but then how do you explain how he moved? The movement of his right hand was used for aiming and his other hand didn't move at all. Either it was on rails or he hand someone else moving for him. Also, at the end of the video he fires twice but only moves his hand once.

It looks like he was aiming and someone else was shooting and moving.

Christopher2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

***At first I thought the character was automatically running but at times he was able to stop from running.

That was when he aimed up, fired his gun, or reloaded. Other than that, it was on auto-run the rest of the time. What was missing were strafing, reverse, running and gunning, and turning to the left and right without having to move.

Oner2889d ago

The video does seem doctored in some way but even if it's not it would be tiresome very quickly to play. The one additional thing I see being a definite problem is how would you strafe?

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Ifone2889d ago

FroSty, like you said move is lag free and accurate, but it's also more realistic and immzrsive than mouse to play fps, you have to aim, like in real life, not just move a mouqe on a's just that mouse came before, but nobody would choose it instead of move if it was the new controler.

Lou-Cipher2890d ago

Not only is the accuracy awful, the shooting is absolutely garbage. Kinect will never be as accurate as a 360 controller, and to try and say it is better than a mouse is just absurd.

This video doesn't show proof that it works well, it definetely shows why a shooter will never work using Kinect. A Wii controller would do better at a FPS.

PS3n3602890d ago

Yea because if a nerd in germany can't do it how the hell is a developer like epic games gonna do it? That is just stupid man really.

GamerPS3602890d ago

I don't know what future holds but at the moment, there are no other device in video game that is more accurate than mouse and keyboard on FPS.