New Marvel vs. Capcom 3 footage

Gameplay videos of the new Marvel vs. Capcom 3 characters in action.

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dkblackhawk502891d ago

Suwheet footage and love the new site design! Looks more clean.

jib2891d ago

anyone else not like the color palette they use for this game?

VictimOfHypocrisy2891d ago

jib it's not the palette that's bothering me it's the characters without appendages I am having a hard time with BUT I am still purchasing it day one.

I am a little surprised Madcatz isn't offering a special stick for this title.

jib2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

its not bugging me that much. its still day one here for sure. its the graphic designer in me itching to change it a little

i'm suprised about the stick too. i'm sure MVC3 will sell A LOT. i'd buy a custom one but they cost a bit too much. might grab myself a regular hori when this is out

BigDollarZoe9542891d ago

look great nicely polished like the new look on this game with the characters cant wait

GoldPS32891d ago

I wasn't gonna buy this on release day but with so many characters it's worth it. I'm getting this game for sure.

xino2891d ago

so many copied and pasted characters from old game.

tell me, are you buying a new game or an expansion pack?

because this looks more like an expansion pack.
if it's a new game, I wouldn't see SF infest the slots, Ryu & CHun Li are fine but why include other SF characters?

if you want to play SF characters, go back and play MvC 1 or MvC 2. That's the REASON to own a game!

If I own old games and characters from old games are in new games, then why the fark do I need old games for? And if I sell them publishers will complain!

-Ninja Gaiden 3- is sick!:)

oli2891d ago

u dont make sense. if he buys the game its cause he wants to. besides even tho ryu, ken, and akuma are copied, i think they desrve to be on there since they are noticeable capcom characters

RockmanII72891d ago

1 - Improved Graphics. I'm not a person who usually talks about graphics being the reason to buy a game, but compared to MvC1/2 this game has a huge graphical improvement (For extremely obvious reasons).

2 - Online Play. MvC3 is the only MvC game that will have an active online community besides MvC2 on XBLA/PSN, but if you already own MvC2 on Dreamcast wouldn't buying the same game again be worse than buying a sequel.

3 - Diverse characters. Besides what you think, MvC3 has a very diverse selection of characters. Comparing the number of Street FIghter characters in MvC2 to MvC3, MvC2 had 12 SF characters out of 29 Capcom characters (41.4% of Capcom's roster) while MvC3 has 4 out of 18 characters from SF (22.2% of Capcom's roster).

4 - Buying more crossover games could lead to more crossover games. If TvC did good and MvC3 does good, this would inspire Capcom to make more crossover games. Some popular ideas that have fans attentions like Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter or Shōnen Jump vs Capcom can only happen if this batch of crossover games sells well. Fighters is what Capcom does best, so we should encourage them to make more of them.

5 - Megaman is in it. Megaman is awesome and he has been getting the cold soulder from Capcom this entire gen. If we buy more games with Megam... wait, what? Megaman isn't in MvC3? God damn it Capcom, ok scratch that. Ok, I got it. Buy the game used for $50, and use the $10 you saved for buying the inevitable Megaman DLC. It's their own fault for being greedy by making him DLC, they deserve every sale they lose for doing that and then some more.

crematory2891d ago

looking for fightstick

qanba or madcatz TE products?

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