I Won't Buy A 3DS, This Is Why

The 3DS will likely have the price tag of $299. The same price as the Xbox 360 and PS3. Nintendo is asking consumers to spend almost 400 dollars for a portable system and a game. Simply that is absolutely insane. Nintendo is very confused on what makes the DS sell, and the 3DS could end up hurting Nintendo big time.

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Wenis2892d ago

I think the $299 price tag is unlikely, actually.

MariaHelFutura2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

I don`t.

I just think it`s weird not every game will require 3D when it`s called the **3DS**

ABizzel12892d ago

I doubt the 3DS will be $300 as well, I can see it being $199 maybe $249 at the most here in the states. I've always complained about the price of PSP games generally being $40. There's no point in buying a portable game for $40 when I can get the console version which is generally superior in every way for $20 more. Handheld games should never be over $30 to me.

But price shouldn't be a reason not to buy the 3DS, just wait until it becomes affordable, which in term means the older games will also be bargain prices, and it'll already have an established library of games by then.

ChickeyCantor2891d ago

Well not every wii game used motion stuff.
And with the 3D off its still going for the younger audience. Which is not recommended not to use the 3D effect.

pain777pas2892d ago

For what the 3DS is offering out the gate it is not worth $300. I don't think I can justify buying it without a game let alone with one and the price skyrockets. I am so tempted and usually cave in as the launch approaches. For now no I will not get the system at that price...I think?

NeutralGamer2891d ago


In Denmark the PSP Go costed 320 $ when it launched...

I bought it and I could'nt even play all the PSP Games :( (Crisis Core)...

So 320 bucks is quite normal for a handheld console in our country...

TBM2891d ago

i still have my DSi which i barely use right now, so i don't need the 3DS as it stands right now.

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wwm0nkey2892d ago

The $300 tag is unlikely. Remember just because the yen conversion is $300 doesnt mean it will be $300. hell Monster Hunter on the PSp is like $80 there.

ViciousBoston2892d ago

You are aware its possibly more expensive? It costs more to ship to the states than it does to other areas in Japan.

HOTA9X2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Lol we have free trade with china and consoles still cost more! , in my country.

wwm0nkey2891d ago

By your logic Monster Hunter and other new PSP game should be more than $80 here.

firefoxprime2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Honestly I'm just getting it at launch for a couple of reasons.

All I really care about is the graphical improvement, 3rd party support, backward compatibility, 3d movies. In that order.

Games I'm getting:

A. Announced Titles

[Fighter]: SSFIV3D, BlazeBlueC.ShiftII, DOA: D
[ActionRPG]: KH3D, Tales of Abyss, (that proferssor layton/henryhatsworth game from konami), TimeTravelers
[Sports]:Winning 11 Soccer, DecaSports3D
[Racing]: Asphalt3D, DriverRenegage, MarioKart
[Puzzle/Casual?]: S.MonkeyBall3D(gameplay footage shows fighting and racing)
[Stealth/Action]: SplinterCell3D,ResEvilMerc:3D
[Action]: Gundam3DBattle

B. In Devlopement

Saber Rider&StarSheriffs, MegaManLegends3, CartoonNetworkRumble

C. Hopefulls

1.SuperSmashBros. 3D um...and

2.Final Fantasy Agito
3.Burnout/Need4Speed Criterion game

4.Another Century Mecha Game

You can clearly see where my tastes are. :D

NeutralGamer2891d ago

PSP Go was 320 bucks in Denmark at launch -.-

And it still goes for about 250 bucks =/

Optical_Matrix2892d ago

Why we care: ......... ........ ........................

Kon2892d ago

I don't care if you're going to buy or not.

MarioWarfare2892d ago

I will wait for the 3ds lite, I don't wanna buy a 3ds for 300 dollars and then have a new and improved version come out after 6 months for 100 dollars less

Wenis2892d ago

You might be waiting a while then, I mean the DS Lite came out almost 2 years after the original DS

RageAgainstTheMShine2892d ago

or we might wait for 3DSi XL just to make sure we get the best version, knowing Nintendo

Samus HD2891d ago

Or waiting too much you may get older and DIE,,.

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