GameSpot: Gears of War Hands-On - New PC Content

Earlier today, while attending a Microsoft press event in London's Covent Garden, GameSpot had an opportunity to spend some time with a demo version of Gears of War on the PC:

"After opting for an Xbox 360 controller rather than a mouse and keyboard setup, we spent a short time playing through Gears of War's first chapter. This afforded us an opportunity to check out the PC game's visuals in a level that we're already familiar with, and although the improvements weren't mind-blowing, we certainly weren't disappointed. Your COG soldiers and their Locust enemies appear to benefit from the game's PC makeover a little more than the locales in which they do battle do. Their highly detailed faces and armor also hold up to even the closest scrutiny."

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Bnet3433904d ago

PC gaming has better, it's called Unreal Tournament and Counter Strike

neogeo3904d ago

I would have bought a 360 if this game did not come to the PC.

jackie chann3904d ago

Wow this game still looks better than any game out there

KeiZka3881d ago

There is never enough good games.