Square Enix Ninjas on the Loose!

Several days ago, we said that Square-Enix would not allow mirroring, recording, saving, reproducing any of their live streams for next week's event.

Well... We already have our first disabled live stream account!

Over at Nova Crystallis, a live stream was set up for the event that will be held in several hours.

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RedDead2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

So, will there be vids after? Can it be recorded?

Edit---this is unbelieveable though, they said this event was for the fans. I just don't Fu**ing understand them. Why are they doing this? Really whats the point of showing a 1000 people but not the rest of us? Are they making money by not showing us? No.

Aren't they streaming it to People who won that thing though, the S-e fans thing, some one can easily record and stick it on torrent sites.

blumatt2655d ago

Yeah, I don't understand either. But someone will use a screen capture video recording program and upload it to Youtube within a day anyway. All I know is it better have some Versus 13 footage and it had better not announce Versus 13 on the 360. I don't care if all the other FFs go to the 360. Just give me one exclusive FF (Versus 13) so I can see what the PS3's hardware can really do for a Final Fantasy game.

Parapraxis2655d ago

A 360 announcement for versus would not surprise me in the least.

SasanovaS19872655d ago

now...dont go ninjin people that dont need ninjing

blumatt2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

Yeah, it wouldn't surprise me either. That's what worries me. I hope Squeenix looks at the attach rate between the FF franchise and the PlayStation brand name and sees how well the PS3 is doing sales-wise now, and decides to keep Versus 13 exclusive. Like I said, I just want this one to be exclusive, so we can truly see if FF 13 was held back because it went multiplat. If Versus delivers as a PS3 exclusive, we'll know why FF13 was so bad.
FF Versus 13 needs towns, shops, world map, airships, side quests, and exploration no matter how far in the game you are. (the should use FF8 as a template, since it was my favorite of all time.)

Quietpower102655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

"I don't care if all the other FFs go to the 360. Just give me one exclusive FF (Versus 13) so I can see what the PS3's hardware can really do for a Final Fantasy game."

So if Square-Enix were to suddenly announce a remake Final Fantasy VII to the Playstation 3, but they would also announce an Xbox360 version as well, it wouldn't bother you in the slightest?

blumatt2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

Well, I wouldn't care as much about that since it's a remake. Although, I'd prefer it be a PS3 exclusive since that's where it was originally, I wouldn't be as mad about that since I know Squeenix would want to offset the cost of making it. I just want Versus 13 to be PS3 exclusive so we can see all of the PS3's power being utilized.

Enate2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

blumatt I agree 100% an FF8 was my favorite to.

baodeus2655d ago

So how can you tell if the game is gimp or not because FF13 and FFvs developed by different person? Their visions are different, their motive are different, etc.... If it developed by the same person, i would understand.

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oli2655d ago

there better be leaks of FFv13!! its the only thing i care about from them >:/

Dragun6192655d ago

I think SE will Update the Official site for most games with the new trailer. And if they don't, then that is really disappointing. A private event to a Fan event but for only those that are in the event can see it, is just ridiculous and not a good way to regain your fanbase at all. SE is just terrible.

As for Versus, I think it'll remain a PS3 exclusive. But if SE announces a 360 version then ok, I'm over that a long time ago. The only thing I'm concerned with is if Versus will actually uphold the hype it has received, If it will release in 2011 and if it will at least be better than FFXII, FFXIII, and FFXIV.

Godmars2902655d ago

Yeah, but I'm pretty sure we have more than them.

And fu*k it, why am I even caring when they're doing the exact same sh*t they've been doing: cutting out the fans while trying to get them excited.

Square's more of an industry douche than activision at this point.

At least Activision lets you down *after* their games are out.

karl2655d ago

worse than activition, WTF?

Capt-FuzzyPants2655d ago

Hey wo. Ninjas are awesome. Almost as cool as pirates and sky pirates.

Optical_Matrix2655d ago

Part of why SE is going downhill. They don't know how to promote their products for SHIT. Closed viewings of trailers can only keep up hype for so long. After 3/4 years of that shit, it gets tiresome and boring...people stop caring. Why cock tease? Get off your high horse and show your fans some good games. You're in NO POSITION to be limiting the amount of people who can see your latest games. Not with your horrendous track record this gen. Sort it out SE. Seriously

Ps_alm3k2655d ago

Okay.....Eventually they will give up. That is the KEY word.
Now I will send all my ninjas!!!

Commander Psalm3k: ATTTTAAACKKKKK!!!!

Capt-FuzzyPants2655d ago

Oh I love funny comments. This was probably a waste of a bubble.

GodHandDee2655d ago

time to release the interwebz Fan Ninj4s for a counter attack! Beware SE

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