Square Enix 1st Production Dept. Premier Soon To Be Live Blog

Andriasang: Final Fantasy Versus XIII and more will get their proper debuts later today.

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Hozi892803d ago

Anyone know the exact time this event starts?

RedDead2803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

11 GMT
Just find out your own - or + GMT. Type your state, country etc into google, i;m sure wikipedia will tell you your differance

Nathaniel_Drake2803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

This is a converter for central time:


So if you say 11 GMT that would be 5:00 am central here in the US

ApexHell2803d ago

yes :D bring us the news so u can take my money square.

The_Great_D2803d ago

this is square's LAST CHANCE! if versus isnt a ps3 exclusive the company will no longer exist to me. they have been producing crap title after crap title for years now. they need to fall in line and get with the program because sony is about to have its greatest year ever! why dont you ask naughty dog how it feels to create masterpiece games on ps3, cuz there swimming in money thanks to uncharted! square needs sony, sony doesnt need square! dont be stupid, release versus only on ps3. cuz if you dont, its YOUR company thats gonna be screwed!

SasanovaS19872803d ago

i understand your pain. even though i care less and less about exclusivity, i cant help but reference back to all the great ps3 exclusives that took advantage of the hardware and blu ray capacity. deep down, i know we will get a better game being a ps3 exclusive rather then a multiplat. i dont care how many self proclaimed "nonfanboys" disagree with me, i believe im speaking facts here.

The_Great_D2803d ago

you got that right homie! we deserve better quality games and sony is the only company thats gonna get us there. comparing graphics on ps3 only games vs multiplat games is just insane. the difference is night and day!

newhumanbreed2803d ago

I have to agree. Microsoft is not into making great games anymore. They can care less about what they produce as long as it's a selling Kinect title. Sony on the other hand knows how to support its gaming console and not turn it into some home media box that does everything but gaming.

Godmars2902803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

Screw that, what about the games like 8 Days to Vegas? Doesn't seem like there's anything that comes close to what it was promising. Then there's the deal that Namco supposedly had with Sony for three exclusives and it seems like that spirit of cooperation between the two companies has vanished completely.

I just get the feeling that between active interference from MS, the attention that handheld and cell phone gaming has taken away from consoles, the development that could and should have happened on the PS3 alone will never be realized.

As for Square, they're done as far as I'm concerned. Somehow they've managed to become too focused on the style rather than the substance of a game while trying to sell it to the most people. Seem to be lying to themselves as well as the people they're trying to sell to.

Its not about vsXIII being exclusive or not, but rather its worth of being exclusive. The devs getting the most out of the system its exclusive on. It could be 360 only so long as it gets the most out of the system that it can.

Though in the 360's case, that will probably result in RRoD...

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baodeus2803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

why would they be screwed, they sell as much as GT5 right now. What are u talking about? They aren't swimming in money with 5 millions? I don't remember UC sell as much as FF13. Don't be an idiot. Going multiplat helps, and no square don't need Ps3. FF has never been exclusive to PS brand in the first place so get that into your head. Prove to me if FF games are Sony exclusive or just STFU.

And for the record, developing on PS3 doesn't automatically suddenly make the game better? WTF is that? It make no Fing sense.

I think FF13 went multiplatform really hurts you guys doesn't it?

You guys have no clue what fact means, so don't talk about facts. No matter how many fanboy disagree, that is fact.

Darkseeker2803d ago

18:00 to 19:30 and 20:00 to 21:30.

I heard it's those time, two presentations maybe?

BigDollarZoe9542803d ago

cant wait hope to hear some good news

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