TitanReviews: Top 25 Most Anticipated of 2011

All we can say is that there are so many great games coming this year and it was hard to keep the list at 25. The games are in alphabetical order, not by rank. So we hope you enjoy our list of the top 25 anticipated games of 2011

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Op242526d ago

I think my wallets gnna be burning all year long.

DaCajun2525d ago

They have listed The Cursed Crusade as being made by the same people who made Demon's Souls and that is wrong. It's being published by the same publisher Atlus but different developers. Demon's Souls was developed by From Software and The Cursed Crusade is being developed by Kylotonn Entertainment.

2526d ago
Nightshadow2525d ago

Can't wait for some of these. Would of been nice if the site included if the release was on PC as well.

Op242525d ago

most are. I will have that fixed in a few minutes.

Nightshadow2525d ago

Nice, thank you sir =) Joined your website and looking forward to more articles from you guys.

DoomeDx2525d ago

Very nice looking site!
and a nice list.

papalazaru2525d ago

some sweet games there ..

but no Zelda Wii???


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