2010 Sucked: Why Didn't Anybody Buy Alan Wake?

2010 didn't really suck, in fact it was a fantastic year for gaming. Check out the titles dropped in the last year - Mass Effect 2, Super Street Fighter IV, Squablefields: Bad Company 2, Super Meat Boy, Fallout: New Vegas, Amnesia: The Dark Decent, Red Dead, Halo: Reach, continued updates for TF2 and L4D, and on and on. Another year where the problem wasn't if there were any good games to play, but that there was never enough time to play them all! It would take a crusty old miser of jerk-bag to point to this year and make any serious complaints against the quality or quantity of games released this year; it's just not reasonable.

But there was one thing that was disappointing.

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NYC_Gamer2885d ago

because the gameplay didnt catch everyones attention

MintBerryCrunch2885d ago

it was more about the game needing to have a more fleshed out SP campaign in order to offset the lack of MP

from what i have seen and heard, the game can be short and certain parts get repetitive...

5 years down the road, it makes you think that something must have happened to the original development plan of the game, and a lot either got scrapped or changed

MAJ0R2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

a PC version was planned to be open world and way better, but it was stripped down for the 360 version

PC version

Pixel_Enemy2885d ago

Wow MAJ0R.. I am pretty disappointed now. At first I thought you were trolling but the video has proven it. Alan Wake is extremely linear and I would have loved it to be more of a sandbox. It's a shame that 360 and probably the DVD format have made an impact on the scale of the game.

HolyOrangeCows2885d ago

"2010 Sucked: Why Didn't Anybody Buy Alan Wake?"
Because Alan wake was like 2010.

LOL, okay, but seriously, the game was short, repetitive, incomplete (Without DLC), and not very polished in the graphics department (Especially considering how long it's been in development). They stripped it down from what it was promised to be, as well.

If it had some multiplayer modes, no matter how pointless, reviewers would have rated it higher and more people would have bought it.

disturbing_flame2885d ago

In fact Alan Wake was about 5/6 years of devlopment.
I thought it was going to be an open world as Remedy let us supposed it.

The result ?

A action TPS horror flavoured.
Sub HD. Tearing. 30 fps and less, packed with a story that could have been cool if it was not ruined by average characters, atmosphere was cool but not better than any great survival games, far away from that the game has a chaotic scenario with a messy background. And we spend our time to seek thermos in forest and the pages of the script of Wake all around the places we get through.

I think this game was a huge disappointment for lot of gamers, sorry the question is not : Why Didn't Anybody Buy Alan Wake? But : Why Didn't Anybody Buy Deadly Premonition ?

Alan Wake has been hyped as hell and is in fact an average game; Deadly Premonition is a great game and nobody is hyping it. I'm more sorry about that.

lastdual2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

Alan Wake was a good and compelling game, despite its flaws. Remedy chose to focus on the narrative and thus ditched the open-world approach, and I think they mostly achieved what they aimed for.

But seriously, since when does a game that sells JUST SHY of a MILLION UNITS get cited so much as being a sales flop?

Alan Wake still sold better than 90% of the games released in 2010! For example, ModNation Racers sold less, but I don't see a bunch or stories about how MNR was a "flop" or "would have sold better on the 360". What's with the Alan Wake sales fixation? It's not the first game to have a long development cycle either.

I think some gamers just have crazy (double)standards...

gaden_malak2885d ago

MNR was not hyped or in development for 5 years like Alan Wake was.

disturbing_flame2885d ago

@ lastdual : "What's with the Alan Wake sales fixation?"
Because the game has been hyped as hell. Because the game had lot of good reviews. Because the game was supposed to raise the new standard of 360 in terms of graphics, universe...
There are a lot of reasons but i am ok with one thing we must stop talking about Alan Wake this game doesn't deserve all this hype.

Please people talk about Deadly Premonition, hype this game, it's so sad that anybody buy it.

kancerkid2885d ago

At major:

Why is nonlinear (open-world) necessarily better?

cb4g2885d ago

I thought the game's biggest problem was Alan Wake himself. The supporting characters were great, especially Barry, but Alan was such a douche. It was kind of hard to root for the guy and his stupid running commentary.

ComboBreaker2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

'cause it sucks, that's why.

Xbox gamers love to go around hyping how great Alan Wake is, but at the end of the day, no one buys it, even those hpying Alan Wake didn't even want to buy it.

The question then becomes, why do 360 gamers hype Alan Wake if they didn't even like it enough to want to buy it?

InTheKnow2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

I for one would not of bought this game if it was open world. Talk about repetitive, RDR is one of the most repetitive games ever made.

Alan wake is a third person shooter first and foremost and a great one at that. People thought this game was going to be like Heavy Rain or something with NO GAME PLAY. Heavy Rain could be played on a DS or PSP.

As for comparing PC footage to the final 360 build lets take a look...First up the 720p/30fps game play demo from E3 2009...

...and the actual game play from the final build...

Where is the game stripped down???...LOL...The game looks and plays incredible and has a great story. Of course you have to play the game to know that. The environments had many hidden areas for those brave enough to explore and the 2 DLC pacts added additional game play and story.

Here's the Xbox 360 Alan wake game attention...

This game would be perfect for co-op and would of done alot better if it had included a 4 player co-op Firefight/horde mode. Imagine all the great set pieces ( you can see them in the game engine vid ) from the game as maps...definitely a missed opportunity and a huge oversight for a game exclusive to the XBL heavy 360 gaming system.

Here's a AW favorite...the Anderson farm....

Some additional trailers...some of the best use of light and physics this gen...

Alan Wake 2 will a force on 360...wait and see.

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deadreckoning6662885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

Because a lot of people didn't know about. It had virtually NO t.v. advertising from what I remember.

AND, 2010 was great. I discovered Bad Company 2, the best FPS/online game I've ever played.

jarrod19812885d ago

when they said it wouldnt be sandbox that kinda ruined it for me. could have been something amazing but i was disappointed.

and i agree bc2 is definately the best online shooter ever. the only online shooter i play.

evilunklebud2885d ago

Man, I really enjoyed this game..... Thought it was really, really good

Pixel_Enemy2885d ago

I liked it but it was no Uncharted. They had a lot of similarities but it wasn't at the same level.

MerkinMax2885d ago

The game is nothing like Uncharted.

EVILDEAD3602885d ago

Alan Wake got great reviews and was Time Magazine's GOTY (take from that what you will)

But, what hurt the game the most was it was released in May with little fan fare vs. the ACTUAL GOTY Red Dead Redemption which was a take two retail monster and had an immense marketing precense.

With that said, I have seen some other franchise not sell too well and then a year later you will see the fan bloggers praising the total lifetime sales if it's over a million.

Right now the game is almost at 900,000 sold. Lifetime will be well over a million which other tout as a success and will hopefully help the game garner a sequel.

With luck we could see an Alan Wake sequel from Remedy in 2012.

There were alot of lessons learned, but single player only Survival horror aimply won't bode well in May against blockusters with multi-player aspect on the 360.

But, I'd absolutely love for Remedy to drop a October 31st 2012 Alan Wake 2...the IP deserves it


NeoBasch2885d ago

Maybe so, but there are still plenty who enjoyed it. I myself regard it as one of the best games of 2010. The story alone is well worth the price. I got the collector's edition myself. Can't say I didn't support you Remedy. Hopefully, Microsoft goes all out with Alan Wake 2, if it ever gets made.

Peppino72885d ago

I just started playing it last week and im about halfway thru and for the most part its running thru the forest at night. Scary but repetitive. Story is good.

ironmonkey2885d ago

the game is shit why do we have to talk about it. its shit.

Spinal2885d ago

The gameplay and the game itself just doesn't have anything that Sticks out about it. Just looks like a silent hill rip off.

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Grenadan2885d ago

alan wake was one of the most pirated games this year

Trizard2885d ago

I'm sorry but I call bullshit. It may be most pirated XBOX 360 game of the year but console pirating is basically half at the most when compared to the size of PC pirating. I would believe maybe the SIM 3 or ME2 or FNV but not Alan Wake.

suicidalblues2885d ago

And yet pirates and hackers claim they don't hurt the industry. Too bad as I would love to know what it would have sold had everyone actually bought it and not pirated a copy.

Inside_out2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

...were the biggest set backs for Alan Wake. Rockstar moving up the launch of RDR at the last minute ( week before ) to the exact same day as AW didn't help. Some bad blood between Rockstar and Remedy over the whole Max Payne thing.

Alan Wake was indeed one of the most pirated 360 games with over 1 million pirated downloads recorded. Surprisingly, Dante Inferno was pirated 1.3 million times.

For those that missed it try to pick up a new edition so the first DLC is free.

Here's a quote from a recent article on the piracy of games including AW...........

" It has been revealed that Activision's Call of Duty: Black Ops is the most pirated video game of 2010.

TorrentFreak reports that the Treyarch-developed title, which broke records when it garnered sales of 5.6 million during its first 24 hours on sale in the UK and US, was downloaded 4.27m times for the PC and 930k times for the Xbox 360 via BitTorrent.

Also on the PC's top 5 pirated list were Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (3.96m), Mafia II (3.55m), Mass Effect 2 (3.24m) and Starcraft II (3.12m).

Despite Black Ops' download figures on the PC, Dante's Inferno was the most pirated Xbox 360 game with 1.28m downloads.

Alan Wake (1.14m), Red Dead Redemption (1.06m) and Halo Reach (990k) were also downloaded more times than Treyarch's shooter.

And finally, Super Mario Galaxy 2 (1.47m) was the most pirated Wii game followed by Wii Party (1.22m), Donkey Kong Country Returns (920k), Kirby's Epic Yarn (880k) and Red Steel 2 (850k "

WoW...over 4 million for COD: black ops on PC. Then the PC community wonders why they are being treated differently...O_o

MariaHelFutura2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

Gamers are jaded they don`t like SP games anymore.

and 2010 was great.

NeoBasch2885d ago

Yep, must be why Atlus has remade/reissued Persona 3 three times, and why Uncharted 2 is the fastest selling exclusive for Sony. Never mind Mario or even Zelda for that matter. No, gamers don't care about SP games anymore.


MariaHelFutura2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

Yes....and why COD4/5/6 outsold all of them combined. (being remade over and over again)

Don`t hate me, I basically ONLY play SP games.

ThatCanadianGuy2885d ago

Havent bought a game for my 360 since 2008.Seriously, no lie.
Alan wake just seemed liked alan in the dark to me.Should of kept the PC version and the open end sandbox style.

Bought heavy rain tho.Now thats a good game worth buying.

Trizard2885d ago

You missed a few good games bro.

evilunklebud2885d ago

Man, I really tried to like Heavy Rain.... Just could not get over the hump.

NoobSessions2885d ago

You're downplaying games you haven't even played...

Serjikal_Strike2885d ago

I would of bought it if it came to ps3