L.A. Noire Release Date - March 2011? writes - "PlayStation Magazine (PSM) dedicated the cover of their February issue to L.A. Noire, and in a revealing ten page feature, talk to the team behind the game about the challenges of acting in MotionScan."

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Hellsvacancy2891d ago

WTF? i REALLY hope so, Mass Effect 2, Deus Ex 3 and La Noire all in the space of 3 months = 1 HAPPY mofo!

DigitalRaptor2891d ago

I was expecting an April/May release date for L.A. Noire, so if this is true I will be happy. It looks well worth my money.

Deus Ex 3 has been delayed from March, to April 1st at the earliest, with no confirmed date.

zeeshan8102891d ago

I hope they don't delay this game. :(

Kon2891d ago

PC version too, please

theEnemy2891d ago

Well that's not gonna happen. Atleast this year or the next.

Rockst*r haven't even release Red Dead Redemption to the PC yet.

marioPSUC2891d ago

I really hope so. Im like one of my only friends thats excited about this. It looks great and cool. I like all the time they are really putting into the facial expressions and stuff.

Im all for a new GTA and stuff. But when Rockstar decides to get new IP's out, they are all great games too.

reptus2891d ago

New GTA will be awesome aswell, given the fact its more than likely gonna be set in vice city again. But thats only educated speculation. L.A Noire should be a great appetizer untill rockstar brings out the big guns ;)

Too_many_games2891d ago

i am ready for the Heavy Rain (kinda) of 2011

Too_many_games2891d ago

i meant that in a Very positive way

theEnemy2891d ago

Heavy Rain is a positive reference.


StarScream4Ever2891d ago

THATS!!! Thats... rather too soon to be real.

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