40° - Lord of Arcana Demo Impressions

Monster Hunter is a bit of a beast to take, even so, Square Enix is prepping their battle gear with Lord of Arcana, a dungeon crawling epic of similar class developed by Access Games, the same people that brought you Ace Combat: Joint Assault on the Wii and The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces on the Wii. The PSP demo is currently out via the PlayStation Store and we've had some hands-on time. Does Lord of Arcana have what it takes to partake in the one and only pie that seemingly belongs to Capcom's Monster Hunter? Here are our thoughts and impressions based on the demo.

Upon booting up the Lord of Arcana demo, you'll be greeted with the character customization screen. There are plenty of presets to cycle through, ranging from gender to facial aesthetics, hair styles and colour and even the character's voice. I proceeded to name my would-be hero Squishy. It's a perfect name for a hero, don't judge me.

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mephman2890d ago

Sounds like a solid title - it won't do as well as Monster Hunter though.

Hardedge2890d ago

As one that loves Monster Hunter, the combat was a bit disappointing :( Regardless, it's still pretty solid. Definitely more accessible than MH.