Japanese FF Fansite pegs 7 titles for Japanese Conference, new FF13 title

UFFSite Writes: Japanese Final Fantasy fansite FF Reunion appears to be suggesting that there'll be seven games total at tomorrow's 1st Production Department Premiere Event - three of them new, and one of those new titles a new game in the Fabula Nova Crystallis: Final Fantasy XIII series of games.

In the posting on their site, FF Reunion announces that they'll be covering the event via updates on Twitter. The event takes place from 6pm Japanese time - around 9 hours from now. After that, they list the titles to appear at the show under two separate headings.

The first heading, "Fabula Nova Crystallis Related", lists Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII, already confirmed for the event by multiple sources and a third, mystery game marked with a question mark. Based on the events of the past week, this could well be the Final Fantasy XIII-2 which Square Enix just registered their first web address for last week.

Meanwhile the second heading for...

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densai2885d ago

FF13-2 for PS3/360, Versus goes Multiplatform, 1 more PSP game and 1 more 3DS game. Betting it now...

(SE likes hats made of money and Microsoft are fine suppliers of these hats - did you know?)

Kamikaze1352885d ago

As long as the PS3 version isn't delayed, then why not let 360 owners enjoy it?

Coogi2885d ago

Now you know pplz gonna be like " But de 360z make de game gimped and wez not getz da full experience"

Now, that's not what I think, i think SE just tried something new and some what failed to the older fan base.

Kamikaze1352885d ago

Gimped or not, as long as it's good, then I won't complain.

FreydaWright2885d ago

Tetsuya Nomura claims Final Fantasy Versus XIII will have a vast, open world, one of which would take hours to walk from one end to the other.

He even hints in an interview that part of this world takes place underwater (

Nomura also states that there are medium load times between different traversable regions.

If all of this is true, and the game is ported, you're guaranteed to have multiple discs for the 360 version. I would assume between 2-4 discs for this game. If you're okay with that, then so be it. Regardless, this is where Blu-Ray has become very useful for the PS3.

ps3rider2885d ago

you are from square enix, but why u look retarded

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Stealth20k2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

versus isnt going multiplat and 13-2 is a ps3 exclusive

theres really no reason to release any ff game on the 360 since sales of FF games are higher on the ps3

@ below

better to make the game good on 1 platform than ruin it by spreading yourself too thin like with ff 13. Versus actually has potential because they are optimizing everything for the ps3 and pushing it to the limit. Any port to the 360 just wouldnt be as good.

AP2885d ago

Surely it's better to sell, like - 5 million on PS3 and 2.5 million on 360 than just 6 million on PS3? Right?

I just want Square Enix to find their feet and be successful and make good games again, and if that requires them to be multiplatform, so be it... I'll just make sure I play whichever version of the game is most superior - like FF13 on the PS3.

RBLAZE19882885d ago

Why not just get a ps3 for it instead of begging for a multiplat. Isn't that what all the 360 fans say when mass effect and gears and etc was being begged to become multiplats???

NYC_Gamer2885d ago

why not?1 million people brought the game on 360.

SuperLupe2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

A lot more than a million. It sold a bit under 500 000 in the USA alone according to NPD in its first month.

edit: 493 000 copies to be exact.

Worldwide sales must be way over a million.

@below: it doesnt matter if it bombs in Japan for the simple fact that there arent enough 360's in Japan for FF13 on 360 in Japan to have a real impact on sales.
Even if it were a success it wouldnt have had much of an impact.

PirateThom2885d ago

Don't forget, it bombed in Japan, where 50% of the series sales come from.

NYC_Gamer2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )


because the 360 has no fan base in japan.but the game sold good in the western market on a console that supports mainly fps titles

[email protected]
so many games have sold better on the 360 does that mean devs should leave out ps3 versions of games..and since when is 1 million sold bad?

PirateThom2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

It still sold a lot less than the PS3 version and, as noted, half the fanbase is IN JAPAN. That's my point, the western sales were below the PS3's, Japan don't care... from a product point of view the 360 versions DOESN'T make sense if it hurts the PS3 version.

forevercloud30002885d ago

@ SuperLupe
If Japan is where majority of all FF sales are made and 360 cannot even make a dent on the charts there with a better version what is even the point?

According to VGChartz tho FFXIII on 360 sold 1.7mill WW(probably severly overestimated mind you). Still these are all sales that would have been on PS3 no doubt, maybe even more because the game would not have been so stripped down.

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Lucreto2885d ago

Plan for the worst and hope for the best won't hurt. I don't want to give some fanboys any ammo.

I read somewhere SE wanted to sell 3 million FF XIII on the 360 but it got to about half that. This was back in 2008 went the PS3 was still moving slow.

Coogi2885d ago

AHAHAHAHAHAH, yeah and MS doesn't like money.

forevercloud30002885d ago

I agree with Stealth. To me Exlcusives always shine a little bit better then Multiplats. And the issues that grew from FFXIII going MP are pretty apparent.

And as far as sales go. Multiplatform has never proven to bring in more sales. Some say "Well 360 brought in 1mill sales for FFXIII" The fact of the matter is FFXIII was a game that many were going to buy a PS3 for regardless. Thats just 1mill sales that would have been on PS3 give or take a few thousand.With a well known IP such as FF no matter how small the userbase is it will adjust to the fans of the series. You really don't think all those buyers on 360 are new FF gamers do you? They most likely were already interested.

RBLAZE19882885d ago

Thank you i love reading things that make sense. True some 360 owners of ff13 are new 360 owners but most 360 owners would have got a ps3 for it and future ps3 exclusive titles had it stayed a ps3 exclusive.

colonel1792885d ago

Actually it sounds more logical to have FF13-2 multiplatform, since 13 was and having versus 13 exclusive as it was promised.

I know logic and SE can't go i the same sentence, and Prmise and SE neither, but one can only hope..

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Lucreto2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

A FF Collection.

Versus XIII it what I am looking for to seeing

FF XIII-2 will be interesting as well.

Kamikaze1352885d ago

I'd love this....I'd gladly pay for remakes of 1-6 with the sprites Final Fantasy 1, 2, and 4 are using for the PSP.

Lucreto2885d ago

It will be more like it will be a FF X, FF X-2 and FF XII than the older titles as it requires a lot less work updating PS2 graphics.

I could be wrong though.

If it is just 3 games that alone is a couple of hundred hours worth of gameplay.

Lamarthedancer2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

Final Fantasy on, try and stay possitive, it probably won't happen, why would they do a sequel to a game which has a spilt fan base over a new FF title or even a remake.

It just dosen't make sense.....It's all about money these days :/

I think the fabula nova crystallis was the worst idea ever, they should of just released FF13 and FF13 Versus as seperate games the length of time they've been apart.

AP2885d ago

Personally I would rather not see an FF13-2, but you need to consider this: It's cheaper and faster to make as they can reuse an existing engine and existing assets, and right now Square Enix really needs to have some cheap, high-profit projects to offset the disastrous launch of Final Fantasy XIV.

Lamarthedancer2885d ago

True...but I just hate how FF13-2 will be aimed at the ones who liked FF13 basicaly half the fanbase because we all know people didn't like it or didn't finish it.

RBLAZE19882885d ago

What a sad state of affairs square enix has gotten themselves into. I'm shaking my head after reading AP's comment. Nothing against the comment, i'm shaking my head at square enix as a company. I wish guch and the old team members, that left the company, would come back and show them how it's really done.

SuperLupe2885d ago

Yeah at least it wont take 5 years this time since they got the engine and the whole FF13 world already set up.

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