TitanReviews: Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Review

Well if you’ve been waiting for a Need for Speed game that’s top quality this is it. The only thing Criterion can do from this game is improve it. This is one of the rare games that I really didn’t have too many complaints about. The single player portion of the game really isn’t all that great so if you don’t have online capabilities you may want to wait for a price drop since the game doesn’t offer split screen either. But if you have online and are looking for a good arcade racer don’t let this one pass. I haven’t had this much fun in a racing game in a long time.

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SasanovaS19872806d ago

sorry, this isnt a 9.5 game. go back to the drawing board and figure out how to review games properly.

Op242806d ago

its an opinion. Thats what reviews are all about. There's no certain way to review game. Obviously you wouldn't know that cause you don't review games.

SasanovaS19872806d ago like you deteriorate from what a true review should be about. its pathetic really. it has nothing, NOTHING, to do with opinions. an opinion can be written in a sentence or 2, like, i like this game because _______. and thats it. a legitimate review should set an opinion aside and REVIEWWWWWW the game for what it is. and plain and simply, this game isnt a 9.5 game. so shut the hell up

Op242806d ago

Hahahaha. If there were no opinions in reviews there would be no reviews. It's one thing to point out technical hiccups and it's another to recommend the game to people. In Need for Speed I found barley any bugs or glitches that take away from the experience and then it's endless fun. That's why in my OPINION it gets a 9.5. Your opinion is that the game isn't good apparently.