Report Predicts Blu-ray, HD DVD to Co-Exist

A new report examining the evolution of the high-def market predicts both next-gen disc formats are here to stay, and that most studios are likely to end up supporting both formats.
Released today by UK-based media analysts Screen Digest, the report includes detailed forecasts of consumer sales and revenues in the US and Europe for both new video formats through 2011, with each predicted to establish a viable installed base.

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BIadestarX3744d ago

Than Sony already lost. It's important for Sony that blu-ray wins.

ISay3744d ago

ive been saying this for some time now. sony has to win and microsoft will just keep trowing money at it so they going anywere

eagle213744d ago

Target has doubled the space for blu ray. Hd dvd is weak because toshiba is selling at a loss. Standalone blu ray players make profits. MS will lose in the longrun. Blu Ray has the most blockbusters this year and will win xmas. MS price cut was not enough, at all.

Evil0Angel3744d ago

we will see studioes go dual-format.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL3744d ago

Stranger things have happened! ;)

redsymphony3744d ago

somehow i think this is true but yet again we will see i have a ps3 and it hs my blu ray in there so im sold only reason i dont have a hd dvd is cuz it was not built in my xbox and i refuse to purchase it seperate so i guess blu ray wins for me

xfrgtr3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

Than toshiba has already lost it's important for toshiba that HDDVD wins,all the movies that are released on both format like 300 or The Departed have been selling more on Bluray since the hddvd installed base is miserable

cuco333744d ago

According to you, HD DVD is already dead. ;)

This Xmas07 season will show what's going to happen on whether or not dual formats will be the norm. To me, if they coexist (something I've mentioned a few times and was shunned since HD DVD is "dead") this is more of a loss to Sony since it's been estimated they paid quite a bit of money for studios to go exclusive/neutral, stores to promote, etc.

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The story is too old to be commented.