8 Killer Reasons to Play Killzone 3

GameDynamo - "If you lined up all of the shooter games from the past couple years like targets at a carnival booth, not even Rambo could win the giant purple unicorn with $50 and a bazooka. With an ample quantity of FPS games, how do you pick one or two out of the steaming pile of games out there? Do you follow storylines? Favor deep online multiplayer? Crave local or online co-op? Have a man-crush on Master Chief? All of the above? Well, now it’s time to turn your attention to Killzone 3. Trust us."

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Serjikal_Strike2888d ago

1 reason: Its goin to be freakin Insanely EPIC!

FrankMcSpank2888d ago

I knew it was going to be really good. But after watching the story trailer, I am 100% confident that it will be great.

Serjikal_Strike2888d ago

someone doesnt agree with

hikayu2888d ago

im pretty sure there exist only NONE reason for this article . KZ3 is a must have for FPS and ps3 owners . if you dont think so : your loss .

FrankMcSpank2888d ago

I am used to the disagrees. I lost a bubble today because I didn't like that IGN said Mass 2 was better on PS3 but gave it a worst score. Talk about freedom of speech. Killzone 3 will be a great game. I don't think GG is giving any dipshit reviewer(Jim Sterling comes to mind) a reason to give this game anyting short of AAA in reviews. Got this bad boy preordered for day one.

Serjikal_Strike2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

yup I lost bubbles for the same reason....
bubble back to you..

:and the disagrees are for me giving bubbles?

Bathyj2888d ago

At least you know why you lost a bubble.

I just woke up yesterday and it was gone, and I hadnt been done for trolling or anything.

Funny how I always have more agrees than disagrees but they never go up, but someone complains behind the scenes and I wake up to that with no explanation or clue to what I did wrong.

How can I fix the problem if I dont know what it is, or if there even is one.

FrankMcSpank2888d ago

I dont know man. I had a comment recently that had like 100 agrees and 10 disagrees and a well said. but some chode behind the scenes click trolling and i lost the bub i earned and my well said became a troll removed. Completely bullcrap. Just walk on eggshells until the MODs are less fanboyish. N4G modding is used pretty harshly. No reason at all why they do what they do. I even emailed them before about issues and got no response. You want bubs here, you either got to be a great contributor like cgood or troll from a neutral area like alphamale.

Kon2888d ago

@Frank You can't have freedom of speech in N4G man. It is against the guidelines.

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The real killer2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

LOL, look at those disagree clickers :)
Those disagree clickers can't even argument about it :)

Killzone 3...........EPIC!!!!!

Edit: disagree's typical those fanboys who cannot argument about it :)

TheLastGuardian2888d ago

I know, what's peoples problem? I don't see 1 person with more agrees than agrees. If your not getting Killzone 3 it's your loss.

HD_GAMER19892888d ago

i wonder if killzone 3 will get delayed until sony gets a handle on all this hacking and jail break like look at cod games lately imagine u just buy killzone 3 and cant play online cause the fucking geeky no life virgin hackers are spawnining turrets everywhere n crap....turn alot of people off of the best game of 2011 including me....then word of mouth would spread and ruin killzone 3 rep for future sales down the road when the hacking and moding dies down or get s some what controlled. thats just my theory

like i want this game to come out its the only shooter im interested in cod games are garbage but i dont think i want a online filled with lame ass hackers though ruining the fun cuz lets be honest killzone 3 will be just as popular as cod so the hackers will mostly like swarm all over killzone 3 and turn it to shit like every other game a hacker modder touches :((:(

so what does everyone else think am i not the only one that believes a killzone 3 delay is possible for somewhat good reasons. honestly this hacking and modding shit on the ps3 is real saddening and disappointing.

dead_eye2888d ago

No delay. It's not out for another month plenty of time for sony to get things sorted.

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zerox5052888d ago

killzone 3 online coop? hmmmmmmmuuuuoooonggg....

NateCole2888d ago

For me its just 1 reason. The same reason i played KZ2.

1. Its the most intense war/game franchise you will ever get to play.

beavis4play2888d ago

most realistic combat i've ever played - no question.

Thecraft19892888d ago

Only need one reason its killzone

2888d ago
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