Ico & Shadow of the Colossus: HD Collection - Moody Fan Trailer

Fan made trailer for the upcoming re-release of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus in HD on the PS3. The music is "Infinity" by The XX

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Serjikal_Strike2526d ago

I think I should trade in my ps2 copy of ICO now before the value goes down once the collection hits stores....

cant wait

SuperKing2526d ago

Is it the one with the awesome painting for the cover? Cos that one is worth alot of money.

Serjikal_Strike2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

I got the one on the left..US version

SasanovaS19872526d ago

loving the music...dunno what the hell wrong with u nerds

SuperKing2525d ago

The one on the right is worth alot of money. The one of the left...not so much. But I guess you could always try.

LastDance2526d ago

That song was f**king shit and im ashamed to hear it with my favorite video game.

ThatCanadianGuy2526d ago

Yeah terrible trailer.I mean really, what the hell?
Just a montage of epic boss battles for SOTC would of been perfect.

bolognass2526d ago

The song was great for the mood of the games, and a montage of epic boss battles would be a misleading trailer for Ico and Shadow of the Colossus together. There is a lot of downtime in these games, and if people come to the games thinking it's all action, they will be disappointed.

George Sears2526d ago

Is the ICO version the PAL version? If it is I would be interested on it, if not I'll pass.

DigitalRaptor2526d ago

As a treat for American and Japanese gamers, the European version - which had a slightly different ending - will become the "universal" version, released across all three territories.

George Sears2525d ago

Thanks for that. Bubble +

Kon2526d ago

Put the Opened Way instead of this music.

specialguest2526d ago

Only a symphony grade sound is fitting enough for this masterpiece.