Heavenly Sword: Variety Review

Hollywood reviews Heavenly Sword:

Sony's latest top tier game exclusively for the Playstation 3, "Heavenly Sword," is a modest game elevated by extravagant production values, ... For better and worse, the experience is more akin to watching a good fantasy movie than playing a good fantasy videogame...

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xfrgtr3740d ago

This game is FANTASTIC

TruthBTold3740d ago

I am almost finished playing the game. The last battle after you defeat about 1000 enemies. This game has been amazing, however I did feel it being short BUT with the amount of details on everything, the gameplay, the great story and acting, this game has felt more like a movie in which the gamer interacts with the movie. While it was short, it will be one of my favorite "movies/game" in which I will enjoy watching over and over again. Out of the ordinary. Beautiful game, a must have in any true gamers collection.

sheng long3740d ago

I love this game! It's a shame many so called gamers will never experience it because they're too busy hating.

black283740d ago

this game is lame 6hrs game play

Baba19063740d ago

dont buy it. but well u probably dont have a ps3 anyway and just like to spam around a bit. i dont think that reviews are the opinion everyone should have and accept, but if u had read 1 of them, u would know that HS is not lame.


tamales4u3740d ago

Its a complete rip-off of God Of War. If MS was smarter, they would have had their own GOW and maybe more respectable games. Unlike HALO.. definetley retarded!!! sorry!! :)

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