New Perks/Killstreaks Coming to Black Ops?

With the recent First Strike DLC trailer that was released earlier today, people have been noticing something very odd.

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dkblackhawk502892d ago

I swear if it gets offered as DLC...

guigsy2892d ago

I can't see it, because then everyone with the map pack would have an unfair advantage over everyone else. The only way it could make sense would be a mandatory update for everyone.

nightfallinicedearth2892d ago

Not true, I'm sure it would work the same way as it does with the maps. If someone in the lobby doesn't have the downloaded maps, no one in that lobby can play the maps. So you'll be just playing the stranded 14 or 15 maps that come with the game.

HolyOrangeCows2892d ago

How about REMOVING a few? Like "Last Stand +"

4pocalyps32892d ago


Exactly what I was thinking. They should remove that shit. Even though I haven't touched the game since DC Universe came out and don't think I ever will go back to it. But if I do I just hope that perk is gone.

Washington-Capitals2892d ago

I would like to see kill streaks attached with classes instead of one general killstreak for all classes. Its annoying having to change your killstreaks when you switch game modes.

TheLastGuardian2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

I heard they were going to patch 2nd chance and the ak74u to make them less powerful.

The new maps for the "First Strike" DLC look pretty good. but hell no am I giving $15 for that sh*t. I'm still wishing I could get my $80 back for that stupid hardened edition with a lame campaign, broke multiplayer and underwhelming zombie mode.

curtis3942891d ago

You can tell that they will be running a Map pack playlist.
They could let it load in a way that it loads a whole new "Game" so to speak, kind of like Battlefield Vietnam.
In this you could choose the new killstreaks/perks etc etc.

jeseth2891d ago

@ Holy Cow . . .

What I don't understand is why people complain about a perk that could happen in real life (like Last Stand or Martyrdom) and want it removed from a game, but don't complain about BS perks that kind of take COD to the annoying level of absurd (Commando, Akimbo shotguns, etc.)?

I think perks like Last Stand and Martyrdom are a lot more fair than others. . . and realistic at least. They could happen in real life and keep you on your toes.

captain-obvious2891d ago

yah one thing
their is even currency , wager match , theater , weapon customization ( in the PIC )
and those things are like from day one
i think by (New Perks/Kill streaks)
i think they mean the hacker perk and kill streaks like napalm bobs and the hind

like those new stuff in COD

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vickers5002892d ago

I'd rather have weapons DLC.

duplissi2892d ago

id rather have an expansion along the lines of vietnam for bad company 2. new maps, character models, weapons, and a changed pace/feel.

vickers5002892d ago

I agree with everything you said except the pace/feel. Call of Duty is the only (good/decent) fast paced shooter available on consoles. If it were as slow as Battlefield, then it would just be plain boring. They should smooth out the controls to CoD4 quality though.

duplissi2891d ago

i wasnt really refering to the speed of the game, but more to the flow. for instance cod generally has lots of choke points and camping spots, so it would be cool if the new maps had a different approach to design so people would be forced to play different- which is exactly what the vietnam maps did for bad company 2.

Jezuz2892d ago

this would be like selling an advantage

xAlmostPro2891d ago

it'll probably be part of the DLC i cant see them charging extra for things like that :/

RedRedSuitSDF2891d ago

They're not going to charge extra. In the video, they already say the price of the map pack is 1200 points. Set in stone.. 1200 points.

And I also don't think there will be new perks.

xAlmostPro2891d ago

yeah i know, but they didn't mention the new perks or killstreaks that was noted below, and some comments suggested that it may cost more for the perks etc. :)

edhe2891d ago

XBLA rules: you cannot change the balance of the game with PDLC. If you're changing the balance of the game it must be through a title update to ensure everyone gets it.

Ergo if they add perks they'll be for everyone.

sak5002891d ago


Word, +bbs. Some common sense not common on n4g. On last leg of 4th prestige i can say, the commando, dual wield shotgun holding are the worst. I remember back in BF:V on pc days, people who were getting owned by m16/ nade launcher combo complained so much that devs had to cripple and remove the combo.

If you hate somethign others are using why dont you try and use it yourself to be on even ground instead of crying like wuss. MOst of my games im 27:4 or similar level of score and im' sure somebody i've killed 10 times will be in the crying list.

lessthanmarcus2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

How about you stop complaining about something being over powered. Remove second chance and I'll just dominate you again with the next best perk. You'll have the whole game patched because you cant counter ANYTHING

And there are no new perks. That line was referring the game itself. They won't patch all the launch maps just to add new kill streaks and perks.

bodybombs2891d ago

i thinks its just about the game in general. new perks/ killstreaks for this game over modern warfare 2 or WaW.

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Serjikal_Strike2892d ago

If it would then they would of added another 5 bucks more to the price...

theEnemy2891d ago

They can only do MapPacks as paid DLCs.

Unless ofcourse if they are a bunch of greedy bastards, then they can do a Paid DLC of new perks and killstreaks that will make the game imbalance for those who won't buy it, thus giving them (those who didn't buy) no choice but to buy that DLC. :O

JamieChadwick2892d ago

I dont think its real, but heres hoping!

SixZeroFour2892d ago

you are really hoping it is part of the DLC? talk about destroying the little balance the game already has, now they are possibly adding dlc excludive killstreaks and perks that not everyone will have? how on earth can you possibly hope that this will be the case?

i mean, if its just part of a patch to add new ones, that all power to them, more is better (in most cases), but this is kinda suggesting that the new killstreaks and perks are going to be included with the dlc

sobekflakmonkey2892d ago

nightfallinicedearth, Said:
"Not true, I'm sure it would work the same way as it does with the maps. If someone in the lobby doesn't have the downloaded maps, no one in that lobby can play the maps. So you'll be just playing the stranded 14 or 15 maps that come with the game."

I think this would be the likely case....

SixZeroFour2891d ago

so your saying those killstreaks/perks are basically map exclusive then? meaning you can only use them if you have the maps...which still doesnt make sense, cause that would mean you would constantly have to switch killstreaks and perks

cause from what i remember while playing cod4 (technically the first/last cod game i played, i did play mw2 a for a few games) when i played with someone that had the maps, i would just get kicked from that game, but WAS able to play with them for awhile when the old maps were being chosen. now if this then suggest that the killstreaks/perks were map exclusive, that would mean they wouldnt be able to choose the killstreaks/perks for old maps cause they could POSSIBLY be playing against ppl who still havent bought the maps/dlc, and then switch them in when they do play new maps

but looking at the other comments now, i think covertgunman at #4 has the right idea which would make sense

CovertGunman2892d ago

I don't think there will be any new perks or killstreaks. I think that was meant to be used for a preview video for the game before the game released to showcase the new perks and killstreaks for the game as a whole.

Snack_Raccoon2891d ago


I say this in a post down below, admittedly not as well worded as you, and get disagrees.

Odd x.x

SoSLy2892d ago

Can someone please tell me how the fck is this news? I mean he just posted a fckin question for god sakes.

sobekflakmonkey2892d ago

Well, it still counts, its discussion, its still an article, and its generally an idea floating around, and in my opinion new perks/killstreaks would be a very good thing, cause im not so pleased with the killstreaks in Blops myself..