Mortal Kombat – Evironment Bio #03 – The Dead Pool

Netherrealm released the third Evironment Bio of Mortal Kombat that presents The Dead Pool.

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Sneak-Out2891d ago

awesome... my favourite stage

RockmanII72891d ago

I love how a character in MvC3 is named Deadpool and a level in MK is called The Dead Pool.

Minifig2891d ago

Well that might be because Deadpool the Marvel character was around before Mortal Kombat was even a twinkle in Ed Boon's eye and a tingle in his pants. :|

RockmanII72891d ago

It's not that large of an age difference. Deadpool (comics) first appearance was in 1991 and The Dead Pool (level) is a remake of a level in Mortal Kombat 2 (By the same name) which came out in 1993.

xino2891d ago

yo i love Shoalin Monks man!
I hope they make part 2, I love Dead pool presentation in that game!

-Ninja Gaiden 3-is sick man!:)

SubZeroMaster2891d ago

hmmm, very good, very good indeed