King Arthur II Announced with Teaser Trailer

Stunning new Trailer.

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Lord_Doggington2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

haha, that's like the hokiest trailer i've ever seen ...hope the scripting isn't as bad in the game as in the trailer...

ComboBreaker2807d ago

That looks pretty meh. Very boring trailer.

thereapersson2807d ago

The embedded version here doesn't allow for HD, so either follow the article link, or follow my link.

CrzyFooL2807d ago

This came out of nowhere?

bfenty2807d ago

Agreed. Looks awesome though

Lord_Doggington2807d ago

okay so none of what was in the trailer is what the game represents.

it's a total war clone.

you guys are fooled too easily

SuperM2807d ago

Animations looked horrible and although much if not all of that trailer was prerendered it looked horrible. I knew this trailer was not going to be stunning, but calling this crap stunning is ridiculous

Invadersims2807d ago

Looks awesome,I had no idea this was coming.

Batmau52807d ago

Something about the wing flapping animation looked weird to me.

Quagmire2807d ago

Is that what they were doing? Lawl.


Kon2807d ago

The story looks horrible!

CrzyFooL2807d ago

First King Arthur was good if I remember

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