Inside source: "I saw the new PS3 controller and it rumbles" reports: "Do you love your PS3 but love the classic rumble of the ol' dual shock? Then you'd be pleased to know that after a lengthy conversation with an important industry insider, we've discovered Sony's real plans for the next iteration of the PS3 controller.

As usual, the insider can't be named, but, according to her, she witnessed a set of test controllers used at her very important game development company. When I say "very important game development company", I'm talking about super major huge, like Nintendo huge but obviously not Nintendo."

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xhi43739d ago

Sony n Immersion kissed and made up and partnered to create a new technology now called 'touch sense' which the new controller is apparently utilising.

With 'touch sense' you can recreate the feedback of a real gunshot, imagine that. You can rumble each specific part of the controller indipendantly. Imagine that, that's not just any rumble, thats well.....touchsense. Revolutionary. Its the next-gen of rumble pretty much. I don't know about anyone else, but i'm pretty excited about this.

Just imagine feeling the soft brush of the road and suddenly the massive force of a crash for gran turismo. Imagine the controller on the top right edge rumbling as you get clipped by a stray bullet in killzone 2. Imagine feeling the sensation of rolling in your hands when your rolling around in a circle in Little Big Planet. That to me, is what a next gen rumble should be. And apparently, this is what Immersions/Sony's 'touch sense' technology means for us gamers.

Koneesha3739d ago

who cares if the rumle wasnt in the first controllers. i would rather wait a year and get a better rumble then get rumble at the beginnign and get stuck with crappy rumble. i mean if sony put rumble in the sixaxis when it lanched we probally wouldnt be getting touchsense rumble. so im all good. :)

Shaka2K63739d ago

It will only add useless weight to the Sixaxis.
it was cool back in the 90s when it was the new thing now its so annoying now and boring.

skynidas3739d ago

dont need it, but if it comes out ill buy it because it adds something to gameplay that is cool

Covenant3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

"Rumble is last-gen"

"HDMI is not necessary"

Take all corporate pronouncements with a grain of salt.

This was inevitable.

I don't own a PS3, but I have a question to PS3 owners: Do you welcome this? Is this something you want for your system? Did you miss rumble?

(I'm not being sarcastic--seriously, I'd like to know from those of you who have a PS3)

EDIT: Wow, three disagrees (so far) for asking a question.

EDIT 2: Now, seven. Seriously, what are you disagreeing with? Angry about the quotes? The first one's from Sony, the other from MS. Both have been contradicted by recent actions. Tell me WHY you disagree with any part of my post.

tehcellownu3739d ago

this next gen rumble sony is using!!

DrPirate3739d ago

I'll answer you seriously.

I liked rumble in the past, I still like it now, I welcome rumble.

pLaystation3739d ago

I admit that sony did fuc up with immersion .. ms just fukd up by releasing their shizz too soon now there just trying to copy sonys strategy (hdmi etc etc..) atleast if u have a ps3 u dont have to worry about the thing breaking on you.. redring

Bathyj3739d ago

Yes, I'm glad its coming back but no, I dont really miss it. I still have rumble on my Xbox but its not like it makes a big difference. Hell even when I play PS2 game on my PS3 I cold use a dual shock 2 but I prefer the wireless 6ax.

WilliamRLBaker3739d ago

wow playstation you didn't even answered the question and just showed how much of a fanboy you are.

Thumbs up for making 2 mistakes in one comment.

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The story is too old to be commented.