Dead Space 2 is NOT Delayed

Hell Descent: Earlier today PS3CLAN reported that Dead Space 2 was delayed. Steve Papoutsis says otherwise. Thanks for clearing up false news Steve. Not that we believed it anyway.

When we asked Steve about the delay, we were given a confirmation that it is NOT delayed.

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Marcello2521d ago

Phew !!! had me worried there for a minute :/

lociefer2521d ago

am i the only 1 who thinks tht pic is hillarious

GodofSackboy2521d ago

I am pmsl at that pic, also the cat one rofl

zeeshan2521d ago

Funny pics! lol :)

Ontopic: I am so glad that it is not delayed. DS2 is one of my highly anticipated games! Dead Space is actually my new Resident Evil :) Capcom can learn a thing or two from Dead Space and try to review RE to it's previous RE1/RE2 glory but until they do that, looks like DEAD SPACE is going to do the job :)

Prcko2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

delayed or not i won't buy it anyway,2 much ps3 exclusive stuff this year,so multiplat stuff won't see my money :/

Arsenic132521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

Shoo fly.

DEADEND2521d ago

If that's the case then rent it because no one should miss this great game.

Parasyte2521d ago

I'm sorry, but why would you shun multi-platform games in favor of console exclusives?

You're going to miss out on a lot of great games.

Please explain your logic because to me it seems utterly ridiculous.

Arsenic132521d ago

He's a troll, no logic comes with that lifestyle.

karl2520d ago

i agree.. to many exclusives so spend money on..

still dead space 2 is just as good as any of those game im sure

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offdawall2521d ago

lol yes it is ... everyone is running from ps3 exclusives

Bounkass2521d ago

I hope it doesn't come. Rubbish. Imo.

Arsenic132521d ago

Lol why you scared though?

Parasyte2521d ago

Did you play the first Dead Space? It was far from rubbish, and the demo of DS2 was just as good as the first one.

Bounkass2520d ago

It's just a matter of taste. And no, I'm not scared of something that isn't real... Aka games, films. Anything DISPLAYED on a SCREEN. Wtf.

theballa1130922521d ago

The first one always looked interesting. Always wanted to play it but never got around to buying or renting it. I'll play the demo soon

zeeshan2521d ago

You can find it dirt cheap. If you are a fan of survival horror games and if you are looking for a scary game with some epic sound effects and environments, you NEED to play this game. It is actually one of those games that are not over-hyped!

For survival horror fans, DEAD SPACE is a MUST have game!

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The story is too old to be commented.