What If: The Pokemon MMORPG

Jaleel from DamnLag writes a dream-like "review" of the unannounced, long awaited Pokemon MMORPG complete with gameplay mechanic concepts. Why hasn't this been made yet?

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SupahJ2886d ago

I like how this article is written. Best way to address the issue is to act like it's already happened.

halo4fan2886d ago

DO WANT but please before 2018 like the article says?

FrankMcSpank2885d ago

Been asking this for years. It seems like the perfect game. Maybe on the 3DS...maybe...

boogeyman9992886d ago

I really don't understand why Nintendo hasn't already done this... it would be a GOLD MINE.

giantchicken2886d ago

Too late for this. Unless you're in Japan the Pokemon fad is all but over.

Hozi892885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

Well it might be to you and I Giant Chicken but the sales for Pokemon are among the highest in History for games so I'd say it far from over.

I really don't know why Nintendo never revamped Pokemon or made it an RPG similar to Final Fantasy but with Pokemon....I always wished for a Pokemon games with good 3D graphics and a battle system like Final fantasy X.

Mastersnake102886d ago

Fun article but I wish it would have addressed pricing. I don't think Nintendo coud get away with a subscription.

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The story is too old to be commented.