WoW character sells for nearly $10,000

A Rogue character in World of Warcraft with arguably the best gear in the game right now has been sold for 7,000 Euro (approximately US $9,700). The avatar had both Legendary swords dropped by raid boss Illidan Stormrage, as well as 4/5 of a Tier 6 armor set.

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iceice1233662d ago

What a way to blow 10k.

xplosneer3662d ago

Also, apparently he got banned. Loser

BaMYouRDeaD3661d ago

I could do a lot of things with 10k.....

iceice1233661d ago

Two chicks at the same time.

Silvia0073661d ago

He's probably the type of guy who even with 10 grand can't even get 1 chick. So he gets it from a virtual world. I have many friends who as soon as they get home from work, get on WoW and stay on all day till it's time to sleep then wake up get on WoW for an hour then go to work. Repeat this for years on end for no reason at all. I lost lots of friends to WoW and Diablo II a few years back. Crazy stuff.

progx3661d ago

$10,000? So f**kin pathetic man, JESUS H. CHRIST...GET A LIFE.

Saint Sony3661d ago

Maybe that is the reason he bought it instead of doing no life raiding and grinding.

sumfood4u3661d ago

Hommie came up, an that all good! People buy crazy stuff all day on ebay.