Frank O'Connor - The secret to Halo's success is...

Microsoft's franchise development director Frank O'Connor has revealed what he thinks is the key to Halo's success.

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captain-obvious2890d ago

i think what happened is
when the first xbox came out right from day one
MS was looking for a game that they can own and can sell billions of $$
and move consoles
so halo came out they got alot of positive feed back
alot of 10s
so they advertised the shit out of the game
now thats not wrong because in order to sell something
you need to expose it
and its a fun game so that helped

and thats what i think made halo big

sony on the other hand
got alot of games like that (fun with high scores)
they just dont expose their games as much as MS dose
and that is wrong

2890d ago
ASSASSYN 36o2890d ago

Halo was highly anticipated before the xbox was even mentioned. I remember scouring the internet for pic on it like crazy. The appeal for me is the storyline and multiplayer. I love the halo universe.

DiRtY2890d ago

Halo offers something other games can't. A deep deep story, over the top action and excellent comeptitive multiplayer.

Gears of War for example features the over the top action, but the story is very basic and the multiplayer just a shotgun festival.

Uncharted offers the action and a nice story, but multiplayer is just not working too well.

Killzone has basically no story. You have the action and a fun multiplayer (not excellent though), but the story is as deep as Marios.

Note: This does not mean the games I mentioned are bad. They are not. It is just that Halo is brilliant. and the other games are just great.

Urrakia342890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

"the other games are just great"
You make it sound as if "great" is mediocre lol

Cenobia2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

I think Gears and Killzone's stories are very similar. I haven't played Gears 2, but both games deal with playing a protagonist who is part of an army that is doing something that cannot really be morally justified.

From my faint memory, Gears takes place on another planet where you are basically cleansing the world of its original inhabitants. In Killzone 2 you attack Helghan because they attacked you, because you banned them from your homeworld.

I think the mythology of these games is equally as deep as Halo, but neither game has capitalized on it very much. It is kind of cool to be thrust into a world that you don't completely understand, though. You only see parts of the conflict like a soldier really would.

Also, I happened to find Uncharted 2's multiplayer to be pretty awesome.

ASSASSYN 36o2890d ago

I don't see how you think killzone or gears is anything like Halo. None of the three seem similar to me. Multi-species religous fanatics, Aliens, and space combat encompase the halo universe. All of those are not found in the Gears and Killzone series.

kaveti66162890d ago

Halo's story isn't any better than Gears's story or Killzone's story.

It's just fun. There is something ineffable about Halo's MP that makes it more fun than other MP games.

But the campaign for Reach, I felt, was very poor. No epic boss battles to speak of.

Killzone 3, dare I say it, will take the SP crown when it comes to epic boss battles.

MP-wise, I think having a broad variety of creative maps is more exciting than a dozen, generic, torn-down warehouses in a gritty setting.

plb2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

WTH, Uncharted multiplayer is excellent. ^^

gillri2890d ago

agree for me its the imaginative universe and enemies (childish or not) and the AI

the insanely consistent AI is what gave Halo such engaging firefights

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