Ripten - New Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Details

A slew of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim details have been revealed, as well as the first screenshot we’ve seen.

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CrzyFooL2772d ago

Good lord that looks amazing. I'm so glad they worked on the animations and quest structure too. Learn from mistakes - improve upon games - win.

rockleex2772d ago

Fix the story missions though.

I'm tired of going through the Gates of Oblivion over and over and over again.

Everything else about the game was awesome, but the story missions were just too repetitive.

Why can't Japanese create huge open world JRPGs like this though? Imagine becoming Samurais, Ninjas, Martial Artists, Monks, etc.

Raf1k12772d ago

Luckily oblivion isn't the main theme this time around. Hopefully there'll be more voice actors too.

MagicAccent2772d ago

Yeah, but if I've learned anything from all my years of yearning for the next big thing, is just to forget about it until it's out.
Otherwise you'll just be as disappointed as always.

I did just that with S.T.A.L.K.E.R, and it blew me away when I fired it up.

So, Skyrim, see ya in a year or so. Until then; mindwipe.

RedDead2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )


Edit--- "we're not talking about mounts yet"
:P Dragon mounts, giant spider/scorpion mounts please

NoOoB1012772d ago

OO I hope they give us a dragon mount =D

NYC_Gamer2772d ago

i'm happy about them finally using a new engine

RedDead2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

You have no idea how limited they were with Gamebyro, they tried the Radient Ai in Oblivion, but the Engine made them have to take so much out. Truely glad they decided to finally make their own one.

Edot--TheIneffableBob, Oblivion's radiant AI was basically a shawdow of what they originally planned

Also, it's not like they're going to take out regular quests for Random quests entirely.

palaeomerus2772d ago

Most of the radiant AI stuff got taken out because it didn't work quite right and caused ridiculous quest breaking things to happen on their own whcih screwed the player over. People were killing each other to 'borrow' props like brooms because they couldn't find their alloted broom, and dug addict NPC's were killing the nearest dealer NPC because he had what they had been told by the AI should be their goal. A woman NPC wanted her dog to stop barking as her goal and the dog didn't stop because barking was its goal and so she killed it with the destruction spell she knew.

That wasn't because of Gamebryo. That was because of Radiant AI.

Even then IN game you can often see weird AI malfunctions like Imperial warders shooting each other to death with bows and then the winner will walk over to the loser and say in a mildly surprised voice the line " Gasp! Someone's KILLED this man!" before walking away with arrows still in him.

TheIneffableBob2772d ago

Hmm... where have we heard "Radiant AI" before?


MysticStrummer2772d ago

The Radiant AI of Oblivion was severely downgraded by the time the game came out. There was an entertaining article about this very subject not long ago, where the devs told some stories about the things the AI was doing before they turned it down several notches. A couple of examples - A skooma dealer kept being killed by the time testers reached the point in the quest where the player would need to talk to him. The devs figured out that the local skooma addicts were running out of skooma in the nearby drug den, so they would go kill the dealer and take his skooma. In another instance, a guard near the city gates would get very hungry, leave his post to go hunt food in the forest, and be pursued by the other guards because he left his post while on duty. This would leave the town unguarded, which would allow the other NPCs to run amok if they so desired, which they of course did. I have faith that the Radiant AI of Skyrim will be much improved.

HeavenlySnipes2772d ago

All the things they are improving and adding are things that made me hate Oblivion. As more details and screenshots (it isn't Crysis or KZ but it looks damn good) come in I'm getting more amped. Hope I can befriend a dragon and ride it!

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