Destructoid - Exclusive Dead Space Aftermath clip

Destructoid has an exclusive clip of Dead Space Aftermath, the animated movie that is set to accompany Dead Space 2 on its launch day of January 25.

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ger1012766d ago

Looks pretty cool, but the voice acting sucks!

FrankMcSpank2766d ago

Turn on Japanese Voice, Your languages subs and voila!

ger1012766d ago

IIRC DS: Downfall was English only, so I assume this will be too.

ger1012766d ago

I'm not sure, but I just checked my DVD and the only audio track is English.

slinky1234562766d ago

gotta watch it since im a big Dead Space fan. Hope it will be good.

Red_Phoenix2766d ago

Black man not the first to die, what a twist! :p

Quagmire2766d ago

like almost every other movie

GothicFighter2766d ago

Really liked Downfall.
Looking forward this one.

JohnApocalypse2766d ago

This film is turning out more violent then Dead Space 2. Looking forward to both

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