Kotaku - These Video Game Achievements Should Not Exist

In today's episode of the daily Speak-Up on Kotaku, commenter BiggunSid talks about the trophies and achievements that he'd like to see game developers do away with.

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iamnsuperman2862d ago

"The "Hey! Find and collect a bunch of stuff that's been left around for some reason!" achievement/trophy."....T he easiest but the most annoying achievement. You know you have wasted your day when your collection hundreds of feather in AC2.

Zashule2862d ago

Try 940 orbs in Crackdown 2

FrankMcSpank2862d ago

At least they have a bit of a purpose, like the shards in inFAMOUS. Those stupid diamonds in Far cry 2 were horrible. Drive around monitoring that damn GPS, that was tedious and gay as they come.

mushroomwig2862d ago


Nobody forces you to try for them.

EeJLP-2862d ago

God of War II? - Die enough times to be offered Easy mode.

Ridiculous trophy. I didn't get that trophy, so I have all except that and the Platinum.

Kleptic2862d ago

^^that is exactly it...

I don't mind the 'find random crap' awards because it levels the reasoning for trophies/GS in the first place...

its tedious to do, but if you do get a reward that others can see...

If they take those types of trophies out, then it becomes easier to platinum every game...then...everyone does it...then...what is the point?...

but I do agree that there can be a somewhat broken system for online achievements/ does seem like a gimmick to get people farming online for certain trophies...and not just in crap titles that no one plays, it can be a real problem in major releases...

my biggest example would be killzone 2's weekly ranking system...where a gold trophy was available for the top 1% of players every only had to get it once...and it would turn weekend gaming into an absolute shit show come saturday night (saturday at midnight Amsterdam were when the ranks were given)...

I lucked out and got the trophy within the first week, when there wasn't many people playing online yet...but there were people I would see literally for months trying to get...and because of this, certain game breaking exploits came into play...the body count scoring system giving +2 points every time you would kamikaze someone was a you get 3 point for the kill, but only -1 point for your own suicide...hours of gaming literally turned into just watching around for someone trying to boost right up to you with RL...

the nature of giving a weekly rank, that everyone could see next to your name was was the trophy that sucked, and what people were willing to do to get it...I would love to see a lot less of that in online gaming...

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Serjikal_Strike2862d ago

I personally didnt have a problem in finding the feathers or borgia flags in ac brotherhood for the trophy...
my problem is the multiplayer trophies....I need 3 more to get my plat and I cant ever find a match....
if it didnt have multiplayer trophies,I'd have my plat by noww:(

kramun2862d ago

Finding the feathers was the only trophy I didn't get on AC2. I would rather scoop my eyeballs out with a spoon than search for every damn feather.

Redempteur2862d ago

i didn't get the feather in AC i was fed up. not by the game because that's pretty much the only thing i haven't done.I suffered SOOooo much in infamous because of 2 shards that i just can't enjoy those kind of thing anymore.yes i got all infamous shards but that was after some serious phases of anger . Never again.

FACTUAL evidence2862d ago

Nothing beats farcry's diamonds, or GTA's 200 pigeons......only one that tops all is infamous blast shards.

badz1492862d ago

they're so hard to find. I only found some by luck when I tried doing my own stunt and it's truly impossible without any guide map. and when you collected all, you got a chopper! seriously? a fucking chopper??

at least the shards in inFAMOUS are used for power ups and they actually visible in your maps!

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Kran2862d ago

I wouldnt be surprised if there is a game out there with the trophy "Trophy" - Unlock a trophy. (Bronze) or achievement "Achievement" - Unlock an Achievement - 10G


DanteFoxx2862d ago

doesn't every ps3 game have this...unlock all trophy's get a plat trophy. there are games like the simpsons press start achievement or matt hazard press pause achievement

Kran2862d ago

No i mean like a trophy just for unlocking 1 single trophy, not multiple ones.

JohnApocalypse2862d ago

I don't mind multiplayer achievements like getting to a certain rank but I really hate ones from the L4D games like spitting at a survivor while he's caught by a smoker

awiseman2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

The amount of times this pic is used to get hits on this site is ridiculous...

Pacman3212862d ago

The shit thing is that it actually works too.

DanteFoxx2859d ago

i like the fact that there's a little avatar next to the crotch that says snake eater

Bounkass2862d ago

They're half righ, half wrong imo. They should dis-introduce the online trophies imo.

Quickstrike2862d ago

So true, I'm missing trophies in several games because there's no one playing those games online. They can at least not make online trophies required for getting a platinum/1000 GMS.

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