Harmonix: The Game Company That Broke Down The Music Industry, Then Tried To Build It Back Up

A retrospective article detailing Harmonix's rise to power in the music/rhythm genre, and their subsequent effect on the music industry.

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sedington862885d ago

Awesome article. In my experience, one, my younger family members (nieces/nephews) have been caught by me singing music I would have never expected... all from rock band. And playing up to expert myself it has reignited my drive to get better at playing real guitar.

Redempteur2885d ago

I agree with the article .. harmonix made many good choices and did something no else has .

Music lover they are their own way

PandaJenkins2885d ago

Harmonix are amazing, Activision ruined the music genre, it sucks :(

yepitsme2885d ago

Great article. Love me some Harmonix!